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End Of Summer Family Activities

End Of Summer Family Activities

With the start of school and the oncoming avalanche of all things fall (pumpkin spice in August? Really?!?), it’s tempting to sneak in one last family activity before everyone’s schedules suddenly becomes hectic.

To that end, consider this small list of suggestions for family activities. 

1. Zip Lining

Nothing says “end of summer” like pulling on a safety harness, climbing a telephone pole, and riding a zip line over an expanse of land.

Zip lining combines the outdoor fun associated with most summer activities like hiking and camping with the adrenaline rush of traveling at high speeds through the open air. Granted, depending on where you live, the open air in question may be through a forest or overlooking a rock quarry, but the exhilaration remains the same.

And if you have an aversion to outdoor activities, indoor zip lining presents a more climate-controlled way to experience the event in a smaller space. 

Outdoors and vast, indoors and air-conditioned. Keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

2. Miniature Golf

Once upon a time a golfer decided to work on their short game by putting goofy obstacles between themselves and the hole. Themed courses followed, and now anyone can play miniature golf off the deck of a pirate ship or an adventure safari.

Miniature golf has been a staple of family activities for decades. It takes less time to play than most actual rounds of gold, you don’t have to spend additional money for things like bags and clubs, and the scenery provided by most miniature golf locations offers more variety than a standard golf course. Plus, miniature golf can be played indoors or outdoors.

It’s also infinitely less expensive than taking a family of four to a real golf course. 

3. Whitewater Rafting

This one’s not available in every state, but oh man, it’s awesome in the places that do.

Whitewater rafting basically exists to answer the question of “What would you do if you had to go down a river in a rubber boat with your friends and family?” Hopefully, the answer turns out to be “Work together to make it down the river.” A close second tends to be some variation of “Flood the boat and force everyone to go swimming.”

Depending on the river and the tour group, whitewater rafting can take a few hours or an entire day. Some tour groups provide lunch on the river at a halfway point, and other allow for multiple runs on a short stretch of river area.

Check about age restrictions before going, too. Many tour groups won’t take family members younger than 10 on any rafting trip, and everyone riding in the raft should know how to swim. Life vests and safety helmets get provided with the paddles, but non-swimmers have no business being on the river.

4. Tubing

It’s like whitewater rafting, just with less intensity and more frosted beverages. Ideal for families looking to be lazy for an afternoon. Stay hydrated.

Remember, the key to any end-of-summer family activities should be involvement and fun as a family group. It doesn’t have to be a big, outdoor event, either; any activity with the family counts, even a game of cards. So just go have fun.


End Of Summer Family Activities


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