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Get Rid of Old Couches And Sofas

Get Rid of Old Couches And Sofas

 Disposing of old couches and sofas can be a daunting task. Just getting them out of your house can be a challenge. But there's options.

 Getting rid of old furniture like couches and sofas presents a number of issues for homeowners and renters. You need at least one other person to make it happen and getting the piece through doorways can be difficult. And, once you manage to get it out of the house, you have to figure out what to do with it.

Disposal Options for Old Couches and Sofas

It's very unlikely that you can get away with simply leaving an old couch on the curb in front of your house. Most municipal waste management companies are not going to pick it up. And if you put a sign on it that says, "Free" you might get rid of it that way, but what if you don't?

There are some other options to consider for that couch disposal project. Let's take a look at these:

Donate It

  • One of the first places to consider is your own community. You might find a neighbor in need of a good, but used, couch or sofa. Or perhaps donate to the local community center, senior center, or homeless shelter. 
  • There are a number of  charity organizations that will take used furniture that is in good shape. Some will slightly refurbish it for re-sell, while many others will simply recycle or re-use it. You should always call to check ahead before dropping off large furniture items.
  • If your town has one, the local community theater can often make good use of old furniture for stage sets. And don't forget the local college or high school drama departments. They likely need items like your old sofa or club chair.

Sell It

  • Old furniture can be sold on sites like Craig's List and eBay. In addition, there are sites such as Nextdoor and Chairish among others. Remember to provide good photos, clear descriptions, and to mention any stains or damage. If possible, have the buyer come to pick up the piece.
  • There are often local consignment shops that will take your old sofa or couch and put it on display for sale. They make a commission and you can make a few dollars in the deal. You won't see your money right away, but you do get the old furniture out of your home.
  • Garage sales, neighborhood yard sales, and even local flea markets can provide a way to get rid of your old furniture items although you may not want to haul the thing around. 

Outsource It

  • Even with this option you have a few choices. You can hire someone local to come and haul it away for you. However, you will still need to break down and carry the heavy couch out the door. And, depending on who you hire, you may have to help load.
  • But hiring a professional firm is a far better choice. If you call Junk King, for example, we do all the heavy lifting for you and simply take it all away. Paying for reliable and professional furniture disposal is definitely the best option.




What About Old Couches That Can't Be Used?

As much as possible, any type of furniture that is disposed of should be recycled. The problem with many less expensive items is that they are made of chipboard and other chemically treated wood products. These materials are not recyclable so they must be disposed of in landfills typically. 

Unfortunately, almost every sofa and couch has a similar problem with their cushion materials. Because the materials are often toxic, they are usually difficult to recycle as many municipal recycling facilities do not take foam materials.

Fortunately, if the cushions are made of polyurethane foam and you can find a commercial source for recycling polyurethane foam, you can dispose of the cushions that way. And, because the remainder of the sofa or couch consists of wood, fabric, plastic and metal, all of these materials can be easily recycled.

Of course, this has to happen after the furniture has been dismantled and broken down into components. While you can certainly attempt this yourself, having a firm like Junk King pick up your couch means we'll take of the recycling process for you.




Your Partner for Disposing of Old Couches and Sofas

At Junk King, we make sure that your old couch ends up in the right place, whether that's a charity for old couches still in good condition, or else a recycling facility. We will always ensure that your furniture is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Calling us for your junk removal and hauling away old furniture makes great sense because there’s simply no easy way to get rid of them yourself.  Junk King takes care of it for you:

  • We do the heavy lifting and hauling.
  • No need to risk damage to your vehicle trying to load couches in the trunk or back seat.
  • We know where to take pieces for disassembly, so all materials can be recycled or responsibly disposed.
  • And you can make an appointment with Junk King, so you don't have an old sofa sitting in your garage or on the curb!

Junk King Recycles as Much as Possible

Being green is part of our company mission. We back that up by recycling, donating, or repurposing everything we possibly can. When it comes to appliance removal, we take the eco-friendly route by making sure the metal, plastics, and other materials involved get broken down and recycled properly.

If the item can be reused, Junk King will transfer it to a local donation center where it can find a new home. Junk King can efficiently and affordably pick that old junk up for you. Junk King, the best in old furniture removal and pick up, also makes sure that old furniture end up where it can be reused responsibly.

Just call 1-888-888-JUNK [5865] or book online to schedule a free on site estimate. 




Get Rid of Old Couches And Sofas


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