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Get Rid Of Your E-Waste - Why E-Waste Is Bad And How To Get Rid Of It

Get Rid Of Your E-Waste - Why E-Waste Is Bad And How To Get Rid Of It

[Editors note: This post was originally published in July 2011 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.]
We've all found ourselves with old electronics that we want to get rid of. But in many places, the challenge is how to do that properly.
You can’t just haul it out to the curb and expect it to get taken away by the city trash department. They won’t pick it up and you could get fined for leaving it out there. Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, poses a serious environmental hazard to us all if not disposed of properly.
Landfills are already polluted from the mercury used in television and radio tubes from years past, not to mention the plastic that will never break down. We made them to last and that’s exactly what’s happening. They’re living on forever, buried in sand and soil that will never be useful for anything else again.

The Problem of E-Waste and How to Get Rid of It

The disposal of e-waste is a rising dilemma in the United States and other developed nations. Unfortunately, as technology was developed in the 1950’s and 60’s, the disposal of that "new" technology was never really taken into account.
The wonders of modern science could never be replaced with anything more advanced, right?
That was the philosophy back then. We were in a space race and everything was a miracle. Throwing it away or calling a junk hauling company for e-waste removal services were not thoughts that anyone entertained seriously. If they did, they didn’t have any support to act on them.
As the nation and the world entered the 1970’s, a new movement became popular – the conservation activists and environmentalists that are known today as the “green” movement. They instilled a sense of conscience in us that was never there before.
Granted, it took decades before “recycling” and “carbon footprints” became trendy discussion topics, but the seed was planted during the post-war days after Vietnam. The peace movement, with nothing left to protest, began to focus their efforts on cleaning up the planet instead. Unfortunately, not enough folks listened to what they had to say.
In the 80’s and 90’s, more technology was thrown into landfills than had ever been seen before.

The Modern Era of E-Waste

The home computer was developed and then modified, over and over again. As processors got more powerful and units got smaller and more compact, the old went out with the junk removal companies and the new came into the home, only to be replaced six months later by something even newer.
Desktops evolved into laptops, tube TV’s made way for flat screens and plasma, and gaming companies came out with new systems every year. Consumers bought into all of it and e-waste continued to pile up.
Today, we have a serious problem. What we have thrown into our landfills is poisoning our earth, air, and water supplies. The new e-waste that is still accumulating can’t be put into the ground any more. It never should have been disposed of that way in the first place
The truth is, recycling is really the only way we can safely junk our old computers, televisions, and gaming systems. Does your junk removal company offer recycling? If it doesn’t, you need to find one that does – for the sake of our planet and our children’s future. Those are good enough reasons to make that extra call, aren’t they? 

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Get Rid Of Your E-Waste - Why E-Waste Is Bad And How To Get Rid Of It


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