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Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Getting Ready To Sell Your Home


The housing market in the United States is hot. Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the economic downturn of 2020, it's a great time to sell your home. 

But selling your home involves far more than signing on a real estate agent and sitting back, waiting for buyers to flock to your home. 

Most houses will need to be deep cleaned and spruced up at minimum, while others may require some major repairs, upgrades, and even a bath or kitchen remodel. And any home that's been lived in for more than a few years has probably been stuffed with truckloads of junk that will need to be removed and disposed of!




It's a Seller's Market Out There Right Now

However, despite the potential amount of work that may need to be done, if you've considered selling your home and have hesitated because of the economic and financial upheaval of the last 12 months or so, don't.

According to one real estate investment firm,

"The number of homes for sale has plummeted and remained down around 30 percent of what it has been in recent years — leaving the market with nearly twice the demand and two-thirds of the supply. Both the inventory of homes and mortgage rates are now at their historic lows. The rise in remote work has also sparked a new suburban boom and the scarcity of developed land means that builders could be unable to meet the rising demand and home prices would continue to rise in 2021."

And, apparently, it doesn't seem to matter whether you live out in the country, the suburbs, or in an urban area, housing is in demand and buyers are eager to buy.

In a report by Zillow released late last year, national trends showed the following:

  • Pending sales trends are relatively even across urban classifications nationally, with some regional exceptions.
  • Both urban homes and suburban homes are selling more quickly now than they were in February, and the percent change in time on market has been nearly equal for both classifications.
  • The share of homes selling above their list price in suburban areas vs. urban areas exhibit the same trend nationally.

But, as we noted already, selling your home can involve quite a bit of preparation. So, with that in mind, we created this handy tip sheet to help you plan your strategy and action steps for getting your home ready to sell.


Preparing Your Home For Sale

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An additional tip is to plan ahead for the removal and disposal of all the junk, trash, and debris that is almost certain to pile up as you declutter, clean, and make repairs and improvements on your home.

While you could do this yourself, it is a far more efficient, time and cost-effective option to use the services of a professional junk removal firm, like Junk King. You'll be glad you did! 

Not so sure? Then keep reading...




Just How Much Junk Could There Be?

While there is no universal baseline or metric for junk accumulation, it is anecdotally known that people tend to store, save, and even hoard stuff over time. And, when you consider that the average homeowner sells and relocates about every 6 to 18 years on average, that can add up.

A recent case study involved a middle-aged couple, having recently become "empty nesters" after their third and last child moved out. They had lived in their current home for almost 13 years when they decided to sell and relocate.

After clearing out the several years worth of clutter, junk, and other unneeded and unwanted items, they also had to dispose of the debris and waste from their landscaping makeover and a variety of upgrades and repairs to the home. 

Over the course of a few months, the couple ended up taking six pickup truck loads of junk to their local waste transfer station. And this didn't include all the smaller, household trash items that went into their regular waste bins each week - along with the second, additional waste bin they requested from the waste management company.

True story.

Had they called their local Junk King team, all that trash and junk could have been picked up in one load and saved them several trips, fuel, dumping fees, and a ton of backbreaking work!




Time For Residential Junk Removal? Give Us a Call!

Once you decide to hire someone for the trash and junk hauling part of your big home selling cleaning project, you need to figure out which firm is the right one for the job.

And while you can certainly find some guy with a truck willing to do the job, choosing that alternative may end up costing you more than you hoped to save.

That's another reason why Junk King really is the junk removal firm of choice.

Junk King provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly waste disposal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of all your junk when you're prepping your home for sale.

Whether you need our services several times during your cleaning project or just once after it is complete, our hauling professionals will ensure that the debris is out of your way so that you can get on with the job.

Our teams specialize in residential trash and junk removal. We can be at your home or facility in mere minutes, so call us today! Our crew is fully insured and well-trained, so you can trust them to get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

One of the best things about hiring Junk King is that we recycle a much of the material we pick-up. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly removal service.

If you have questions about what we can do for you, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865).



Getting Ready To Sell Your Home


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