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Green Junk Removal

Green Junk Removal


Every day, millions of tons of waste and junk ends up in landfills around the country. Although some of this junk eventually decomposes, much of it does not and can have adverse effects on our environment and public health.

One problem is leachate, or water that becomes contaminated by picking up toxic chemicals from landfills, ending up in our ground and surface water sources. Another pressing issue is landfill gas, which is caused by the breakdown of waste and can contribute to global warming, local health concerns and deadly explosions. In recent years, computer equipment that ends up landfills poses another hazard by releasing toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, or cadmium into the groundwater, soil and atmosphere.

Most of this junk and waste originates from households and businesses that want to get rid of unwanted clutter. These people simply want to rid themselves of their junk and get on with their lives; they obviously have no agenda when it comes to harming the environment.

That’s where Junk King comes in. Our Junk Removal service provides a solution for both cutting down on landfill waste as well as helping out homeowners and business clear out their clutter. Unlike many other junk removal services, Junk King recycles 40-60% of the waste we pick up.

To this day, Junk King has saved approximately 2,282,500 tons of waste from ending up in local landfills around the country. Whether it’s scrap metal, plastic, computer equipment or several other types of waste, Junk King can get rid of materials efficiently, reliably and most importantly, in an eco-friendly manner.

As we’ve learned over the past decade, any little change over a large scale can help contribute to our fight against global warming. Sometimes it’s both difficult and time consuming to take the steps to properly recycle your junk: maybe the equipment is too heavy to haul away yourself or maybe you just don’t have the time during a busy workday to properly dispose of it. No matter how small or large the item is, Junk King only charges by the space it takes up in our junk removal truck. With this methodology, you’ll only pay for the amount of junk you remove and not the time it takes to get rid of it. Taking the steps today to properly dispose of waste can make a big difference for the environment in the long run.

Feel free to contact us for a free on-site junk removal estimate via our online form or by calling 1-800-995-JUNK (5865).

Green Junk Removal


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