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Grow Your Own Kingdom with Junk King

Grow Your Own Kingdom with Junk King

When working a 9-5, it can often feel like you’re supporting someone else’s goals and dreams — or the growth of their own empire — at the expense of your own. Instead of sacrificing your own dreams to make someone else’s goals a reality, why not create your own kingdom by franchising with Junk King?

Truck 6-2

We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 to expand your territory and become a multi-unit owner — in fact, 18 Junk King franchisees have expanded their territories in 2021 alone! One such owner is Jack Brendamour, whose Junk King kingdom spans 4 units across Ohio and Kentucky.

Jack Brendamour

Jack chose Junk King for our proven franchise model and because “the continuous support from the Junk King Corporate team is invaluable.” That support includes a national call center, a proprietary Junk Netware software program, and a state-of-the-art review and referral platform that measures 10 customer service metrics for each and every job. We also provide mobile invoicing, a turnkey marketing program, and personalized support in operations, finance and business development.

Jack is also passionate about Junk King’s mission and approach to how we remove, dispose and recycle junk.

“Junk King truly helps people on multiple levels. We help individuals on a personal level, whether reclaiming their space or helping them deal with the items left behind from a loved one who passed away or had to move into a health care facility,” said Jack. “There is so much good we do on the back end for our environment, and in turn for our community, by making every effort to donate and recycle as many items that we remove from a yard, home, or business as possible.”

Across our 145 franchise locations, we’re experiencing 40% system growth* and 26% unit level growth* — want to get in on this proven franchise model? Learn more about becoming a Junk King franchisee.

Grow Your Own Kingdom with Junk King


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