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What does Santa Claus do with the clutter left behind by the Holidays? He calls the number one junk removal company of course! Junk King/Works will allow you to book an appointment within a 24hr window.


we will arrive in our big red trucks and whoosh, away we fly with your unwanted items. What do we take away and recycle for Santa?


Sleigh bells? You betcha. Our franchises recycle tons and tons of metal items every year. Junk King prides itself on recycling or donating 60% or more of the items we haul. Christmas trees? You know even Santa from time to time misses the deadline for hauling his tree out to the curb. We'll pick it up and make sure it is taken care of properly. Those 30 million or so recycled Christmas trees create tons of mulch every year, even busy Santa knows that. But they are also used to ease erosion on shorelines, sunk into lakes for fish habitat, and get this, in 2007, the Rockefeller Center tree was used for lumber to rebuild a home destroyed by hurricane Katrina.


Junk King is green—the greenest. If the Jolly Elf puts a new television under your tree, we will take away that old TV and properly dispose of it. You need not move it, haul it out to the curb, or even take it out of the cabinet. We'll take care of it. You don't lift a finger. If you get a new fridge, or washer/dryer, we'll handle the pick up of that old appliance and make sure it gets properly disposed of so it doesn't end up sitting along the side of the road. (Those unscrupulous haulers that don't recycle and dump stuff on the side of the road get coal in their stockings for the holidays.)


All whimsy aside, there is nothing cool about having a bunch of junk messing up your holidays. And no one makes clean up easier or greener than Junk King. Give us a call and we'll make it easy to get rid of that mess.


Junk King is green, fast, and easy. We do all the work. 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK)



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