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Home Clutter

Home Clutter

Here at Junk-King we use the term 'unwanted clutter' quite a bit. I'd like to discuss what clutter really is, some common types of home clutter, and why no one needs to have it lying around.

In your home there are a number of things that you use on a regular basis. These items could be couches, beds, chairs and tables that you put to good use, or furniture that fits nicely into the decor of your house. These items could also be computers, tvs, electronics, and appliances that you use on a daily or weekly basis. These are your possessions that are of value: without them you'd be lost.

Clutter has no value whatsoever. These are the items around your house that are just sitting there and never are put to use. Clutter includes things that detract from the aesthetic of your home, items that are broken or materials that are simply collecting dust.

Here are some common types of clutter:

Garage Clutter: The garage often ends up being the 'junk zone' of many houses. Bikes with missing wheels, broken lawnmowers, power tools, snow blowers, bags of old athletic equipment, and a variety of other pieces of equipment often end up in the garage. This is a sad situation because a garage is a great place to store useful items - a car for example.

Electronic Clutter: In the fast paced world of technology, equipment often ends up getting outdated within a few years. It's not out of the ordinary to replace old computers, fax machines, and phones with newer models. The problem arises when the outdated electronics end up sitting around our house, never getting thrown out and simply collecting dust.

Furniture Clutter: If you walk around your house today it's guaranteed you can pick out several pieces of furniture which simply have no place there anymore. The furniture either doesn't match with your remodeled house or the items have had too much wear and tear to be usable anymore.

Renovation Clutter: Whether you had new windowpanes installed, your porch painted or your pool cleaned up, renovations are bound to leave clutter around your house and yard. There's no point in getting your house fixed up if all that junk is going to end up laying around.

Junk King prides itself in being able to clean up all of your clutter - no matter how big the job is. Our affordable and eco-friendly junk hauling services will let you finally reclaim your kingdom. Call 1-800 995 JUNK or Book Online today.

Home Clutter


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