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Hot Water Heater Removal And Disposal Tips

Hot Water Heater Removal And Disposal Tips


If you've had your hot water heater for more than eight or nine years, you're probably going to need to replace it sooner than later. And maybe even dispose of it.

The first challenge is removing it properly if you choose to do it yourself. The other challenge is how to properly dispose of it once it's out of the house!


When the Hot Water Is No More

There are few things in domestic life that are more jarring - and dreaded - than to be in the shower to suddenly find that there's no hot water. When a residential hot water heater suddenly passes on to the Great Appliance Beyond, that constitutes a real emergency.

How long should yours last?

It depends on the brand and the level of maintenance the hot water tank has received. Typically, after about 12 years of life, your water heater might start showing signs of aging although it’s  not uncommon for well-maintained water heaters to last more than 15 years.

However, if you are starting to spend money on water heater repairs, it might be time to replace your old unite for a new and better model.

And according to Bob Vila

"A traditional tank-type water heater lasts an average of eight to 12 years. Inside the tank, an anode rod protects the interior lining by attracting all corrosive particles to itself through a process called electrolysis. When the rod has corroded to such an extent that it can no longer do its job, those particles settle at the bottom of the water tank, where they eventually destroy the lining. Once corrosion starts inside the tank, the water heater has entered into its final stage of life."

Fortunately, traditional water heaters are relatively affordable and relatively easy to purchase. How much, you ask? Typically, a 50 gallon hot water heater costs between $400-$2,200, while a 75 gallon version can run between $900-$3,000.

Then there's the installation.

According to a recent post at HomeAdvisor.com,

"Installing a water heater costs $803 and $1,521, or an average of $1,138, including the unit and labor. Tankless heaters cost about $1,000 to $3,000. Water heaters cost $300 to $2,000+ for the unit alone while plumber labor runs $45 to $150 per hour. The length of the job averages 2 to 3 hours."

However, for most homeowners, having one installed professionally is still far better than trying to do it yourself. 

That being said, many of those same homeowners might not balk at removing the recently deceased hot water tank themselves. And the fact is that this is something that can be done by most homeowners providing they are informed of both the proper steps beforehand and are aware of the several risks involved in working with an appliance that can weigh up to 300 pounds. 

And that's when they're empty!

Which is another consideration. When planning to remove an old water heater, it is prudent to keep in mind that, until it is properly and safely emptied, you are also working with a tank that can be holding as much as 75 gallons of extremely hot water. 

So, while it is certainly a doable DIY project, it is one to be considered with great caution.



DIY Hot Water Heater Removal

Hot water tank removal is not quite in the same category as removing a used washing machine or dishwasher, for example, although they may weigh about the same.  There are, as we've noted already, some inherent risks to be aware of.  However, with proper precautions and following the right steps, it can certainly be done.

Of course, you can always pay someone to come in and remove your old water heater for you. And many hot water heater installers will also take care of the removal and hauling of your old unit. But it can be a convenient service that comes with a hefty additional set of charges on your appliance installation bill.

So, while you may prefer to have a professional remove your old water heater for you, if you're at all handy with basic tools, this can be a job for a confident do-it-yourself type of person.  Armed with a few screwdrivers, wrenches, and a pipe cutter or hacksaw, you can be off to the races!

And to help you through the process, we have created this illustrated checklist of steps for safely and efficiently removing your old water heater prior to having a new replacement installed.



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So, What to Do With an Old Hot Water Heater?

All hot water tanks are made of steel and copper, as well as a few other metals. In addition, there are various other materials inside the outer shell that are not recyclable. However, the good news for you is that most, if not all, of your hot water heater parts can be recycled.

The outer casing is typically made of sheet steel which has a high recovery value and can be recycled indefinitely.  The water tank itself is usually constructed with stainless steel. 

Other metals, especially copper, are always in demand by scrap dealers and recyclers, so the bulk of the material that makes up your old hot water tank can and should be recycled. Unfortunately, the fiberglass insulation wrapping around the inner tank area is not an easily recyclable material.  However, fiberglass insulation can be reused in some cases and even recycled into new products.

So, if you succeed in removing your old hot water tank yourself, the next question is what do you do with the big tank parts and pieces?

While you may want to simply take it all to the dump or nearest waste transfer station, that's may not be a good option. In fact, depending on where you live that may not even be an option at all!

You could try to taking it all to a scrap metal dealer near you, but keep in mind that you'll still need to have a suitable vehicle that you can haul it in. And you'll have to load it all and then unload it, as well. All of which can add up to a great deal of work and some added expense you hadn't planned on. Scrap metal has value, but don't expect to see much cash from it.

So, what other options do you have?

The good news is that you can simply call a local, professional junk hauling and removal service.



Your Junk Hauling and Appliance Removal Service

Household junk can come in many forms.

It could be old, unusable appliances, broken down furniture, or large amounts of trash. Or maybe you recently started a gardening or landscaping project that’s left piles of dirt and debris that you need to get rid of.

And, just maybe, you still have  junk and clutter in your house and yard that you haven’t had time to clean up.

Whatever it is - including old hot water heaters -  we can handle it for you.

Junk King provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly appliance removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of your item.

Our experienced junk removal team will break down and haul off any types of debris or junk you have. Unlike the backseat of your car, our junk removal trucks are made to handle those bulky items. And as we like to say, we'll do all the heavy lifting!

So, are you ready to get rid of your hot water heater? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Hot Water Heater Removal And Disposal Tips


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