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How to Dispose of a TV Safely

How to Dispose of a TV Safely

While it may seem simple, figuring out how to dispose of a TV is a surprisingly tricky process. As it stands now, most cities have stringent rules about what products can and cannot go into landfills, and the materials within LCD TVs are on the “forbidden” list.

Although this is an critical standard (these rules are put in place to protect animals, people, and the environment), it does make getting rid of your old television a touch more complicated. If you can’t just take it to the dump, what are you supposed to do with it? Here’s your complete guide.

How to Dispose of a TV 101: Why is it so Difficult?

Televisions, just like CPUs, batteries, and old laptop and desktop computers (known collectively as e-waste), contain potentially harmful materials. These materials may include lead, cadmium, beryllium, and brominated flame retardants.

While these materials aren’t a threat to people when the item is enjoying regular use, they can leak out into the environment when they wind up in a landfill. Over time, these substances can seep into groundwater or poison animals and people in proximity to the landfill. As such, they require special handling during recycling and disposal.

How to Get Rid of Your Old TV: Your Options

Taking your old television to the dump is off-limits. How, then, do you get rid of it? Here are your best options:

Option1: Sell it

Wondering how to dispose of a TV quickly? One of the best answers is to pass it along to someone else. If your television is still in reasonable working order, you can donate or sell it. The first step is to inspect the TV for signs of apparent damage. If the picture is still clear, the screen is not broken, and you still have all the unit’s original cords and remotes, giving the television away or selling it are both great options. In addition to saving you from throwing the television in the landfill, this also provides the option of making some money from your television.

If you’re going to sell the television, private sales, Craigslist, and sites like LetGo and OfferUp are all great options.


Option 2: Donate it

If you’re not in the mood to deal with the hassle of selling your television, consider donating it. Donation centers like the Salvation Army and Goodwill are typically happy to take your used electronics and will even come to pick your used television up from you. Check out a list of donation centers near you to decide who you’d like to work with. If you can’t find someone to get the television, contact our team to pick it up and drop it off.

Option 3: Recycle it

Rather not donate or sell your television? Why not recycle it? While recycling electronics can be difficult, there are dedicated companies that will handle it for you. To begin the process, find the electronics disposal site nearest you.

You can visit Earth911.com to find a complete list of e-waste recycling locations across the U.S. Before you load up your television and head off, be sure that you’ve chosen a location that will accept LCD televisions since not all sites will.

Once you’ve found your ideal location, check its posted hours (you should only drop televisions off during open hours) and call the center to ask about recycling fees. In some cases, you’ll have to pay the center to process and break down your television. Don’t worry, though! This is a small fee, and it goes a long way toward protecting the environment and the animals in your local area.


The Easiest Way to Dispose of Your Unwanted Televisions

While it’s true that getting rid of an old television isn’t as simple as making a dump run, you do have several great options when it comes time to dispose of that old LCD. Between donating, selling, and recycling it, there’s something to suit everyone.

Want to dispose of that television but don’t want to move it on your own? Contact our team of junk removal experts to handle the heavy lifting for you. We’re happy to give you a quote today and help you begin your project as soon as possible!

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How to Dispose of a TV Safely


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