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How To Make Your Yard Waste Disposal More Efficient

How To Make Your Yard Waste Disposal More Efficient


One of the tasks of most homeowners in America is yard maintenance. And this usually means taking care of yard waste removal and disposal. 

While no one really enjoys that work, there are ways to make the chore easier and far more efficient than raking, bagging, and waiting for the garbage truck each week.


Reduce Yard Waste Removal by Reducing Yard Waste

Okay, so that might seem a bit obvious, but the question is, "How do you reduce your yard waste?"

First of all, we must start with a definition for "yard waste" as commonly understood. For many homeowners with yards, the waste material produced there usually consists of grass clippings, twigs and branches, uprooted weeds, trimmings from flowers and shrubs, and any other organic matter that may be need to be removed. 

So far, so good. 

Now, the most common method of yard waste removal and disposal involves a great deal of raking, stooping over to pick stuff up, and - more often than not - cramming it all into leave bags or directly into a recycling bin. Repeatedly, week after week, month after month.

But what if you had less "waste" to get rid of?

Here's the thing: much of what many homeowners routinely dispose of can be reused. So, the organic material from your outdoor spaces that gets reused would, strictly speaking, no longer be considered waste.

Consequently, you are reducing the overall volume of actual waste that needs to be disposed of.

And how can you do that? One easy way is to set up and make use of a composting bin

Both the "soft" green organic materials as well as the "hard" organic materials. According to an article at The Spruce,

Greens are materials that are rich in nitrogen or protein. They are also the items that tend to heat a compost pile up because they help the microorganisms in the pile grow and multiply quickly. Browns are carbon or carbohydrate-rich materials.

Green items consist of materials such as fresh grass clippings, leaves, and green weeds. Any plant waste which is dry, fibrous, and hard is generally recognized as brown.


Having Less Green Space Means Less Yard Waste

Another way to reduce the need for yard waste removal is to reduce the amount of green matter in your outdoor spaces. In other words, having less grass and plants.

And, no, we're not suggesting that you pave over your yard or tear out your lawns and replace them with gravel beds. Although, this latter approach has been done by many homeowners living in regions that are being hard hit by the years-long drought in the western United States.

However, what we're referring to here is the simple addition of hardscaping elements that make use of gravel, pavers, bricks, wooden decks, and even concrete pads in some instances.

Adding some stone walls, firepits, and other similar stone or concrete brick structures not only reduces the square footage of grass but adds striking and visually appealing elements to your space. These elements are not only aesthetically beneficial to your yard areas, but they are quite functional, as well.

Similar to the hardscape additions is replacing portions of your grass areas with low-water and drought-resistant plants. 

As Michigan State University points out,

With climate change concerns, unpredictable droughts and high energy prices across the country, nearly everyone is looking for ways to conserve resources and cut costs. A simple step to conserve water usage in your landscape is to select drought-tolerant plants. Many of these thrifty plants use less water, but still provide beauty and function in the landscape.

Many drought-tolerant plants are also low maintenance and produce very little if any "waste" materials to your yard. 

In addition to these suggestions, here are several more tips to help you reduce waste while having a great looking yard:


yard waste reuse guide

Finally, the very last thing you want to do is to simply leave piles of yard waste in your yards. 

Why is that?

Aside from being an eyesore and potential safety hazard, leaving large piles of old leaves or lawn grass clippings on your grass can kill the lawn underneath. This is also true for bundles of broken branches, piles of dirt or rock, and even leftover landscaping materials such as masonry, sand, lumber and other non-organic items.

So, what if you still have large amounts of yard waste to get rid of today? It is quite possible that you may actually have more piles of "waste" than you can fit inside the recycling bin from your waste management company.

The reality is that you probably don't want to get rid of all that stuff yourself. 

So, what do you do?


Green Yard Waste Removal and Disposal Service from Junk King

Yard waste is made up of many kinds of things. And it is messy to work with. 

All those winter storms we had may have left broken tree branches all over your yards. Or maybe you've started a gardening or landscaping project now that it's springtime, but you now have piles of dirt and debris everywhere. And, perhaps, you've had piles of junk and clutter in your yard that you haven’t cleaned up for a long time.

Whatever the reason and no matter how it got there, you need affordable yard waste removal.

Junk King provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly yard waste removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of your yard debris. Our experienced debris removal team will break down and haul off any types of yard waste you have.

And, unlike the backseat of your car, our junk removal trucks are made to handle those dirty yard debris items.

Our professional and insured yard waste removal team will show up at your home and we'll call you 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive on site. Also, we will provide you with a free estimate based on how much room your yard waste and other debris takes up in our truck.

All you'll need to do is just point and we'll haul yard waste into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

So, are you ready to get rid of your excess yard waste? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).



How To Make Your Yard Waste Disposal More Efficient


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