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Ideas For The Stay-At-Homers

Ideas For The Stay-At-Homers

Getting Organized
Being sent home from work does not mean that you have to be stuck at home. If you're going to be home for a bit, why not take the time to engage in some long-delayed project like cleaning or organizing? If you don't have anywhere to go with all the restaurants, entertainment venues, and stores temporarily shutting down, you're going to get bored of binge-watching shows and playing games.
Organizing a home is like customizing a dinner order; ultimately, the amount of detail depends entirely on the individual. You could do as little as rearranging the living furniture or, if you're feeling ambitious, turning a work space into a second bedroom.

The Garage
This one has a few details that might be appealing to anyone staying home: it allows you to get outdoors if you open the garage door (and you can, at least as of press time), and any bulky items that need to be trashed can still be dragged to the curb for removal.
Not sure if the municipal services will take the bigger items? Not to worry; Junk King remains operational and committed to providing professional services in this time of need. The company is prioritizing safety and sanitation by adapting its services to include touchless pick up, no contact payment, and protective gear. Want to avoid person to person contact all together? That's understandable. In this case, Mini Dumpsters are a great alternative. These are driveway friendly, get dropped off, and picked up three days later. Junk King is now offering $30 off until April 30, 2020Contact Junk King to book a job today. 

The Closet
It's time for spring cleaning anyway, and what's a more effective way to spring clean than to empty out the closet?
Well, not completely empty, anyway. You're going to need clothes eventually.
No, the best way to clean a closet starts with taking a good look at what's hanging up in there and deciding what needs to go. Unfortunately, this task can prove challenging; things that haven't been worn in ages can suddenly become appealing in an instant, especially if you try them on and they still fit. The justifications offered for keeping them become hypnotic; you'll probably never need a zoot suit or bell bottoms again, but what if you're invited to a costume party?
Just remember it's a personal judgment call. Keep the suit and pants if you want, but if you do, try to work them into your regular wardrobe rotation.

If you have kids, being home provides a big opportunity to educate them. And not just with online schools and classes, which can be effective but not necessarily available in all areas. Take the opportunity to educate on things they wouldn’t necessarily learn in a classroom.
For example, if you have a vehicle, teach them about adding or changing the oil. If you have some minor repair work that needs to be addressed like tightening a bolt on a frying pan, show them how the tools work.
You can also use the Glitter Test to educate them about germs. Put a handful of glitter in their hands and let them move around the house as they normally would. Then show them the places where the glitter from their hands has stuck to the surfaces of everything they've touched. This demonstration shows the importance of washing hands. Plus, you can make a game to clean up the glitter later.

Ideas For The Stay-At-Homers


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