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Incorporating Sustainability into Your Brand Mission

Incorporating Sustainability into Your Brand Mission

Consumers are more fixated on buying with their conscience than ever before, and sustainability is at the forefront of those conscientious consumers’ minds. With the majority of Americans expressing concerns about climate change, sustainability is an excellent cause to prioritize in your company’s brand mission.

At Junk King, being “green” is part of our brand mission. The easiest and most efficient approach to junk removal would be to haul everything straight to the dump, but we make it our responsibility to do more than that. To do our part to protect the planet, we recycle, donate, and repurpose everything we can — up to 60% of what we take in. There are simple ways other companies can incorporate sustainability into their brand missions, too.

Reduce Paper Waste

Sustainability looks different for every company model — for us, it’s directly making an effort to reduce the amount of junk that enters into our environment. For a corporate company, it might mean shifting away from printing things and going digital. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S, so any dent a company or person can make toward reducing paper waste makes a difference.

Reduce Company Emissions

Given the changing workplace norms, a company might consider allowing their employees to shift to a remote or hybrid work model to reduce emissions put out by their workforce. A brand might also offer free public transportation benefits to encourage less emissions. The less vehicles on the road, the less CO2 that is being pumped into the environment, meaning a healthier planet (and happy eco-friendly customers and employees!).

Use Sustainable Products

Using sustainable packaging/materials and eliminating single-use plastics (bye-bye, plastic cutlery and straws) can be a huge signal of sustainability for customers. Starbucks Coffee is an extremely popular brand that’s known for making a shift toward sustainability, which has been a win for the planet and for their environmentally-friendly clientele.

Making these changes are good for the planet and a company’s bottom line — sustainability initiatives can save companies money and bring in new customers who strive to support conscientious companies.

If you’re looking to start your own sustainable business with an easy framework to follow, click here to learn more aboutbecoming a Junk King franchisee.

Incorporating Sustainability into Your Brand Mission


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