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Is Your Home Ready For The Big Show?

Is Your Home Ready For The Big Show?

untitled-1-1099531-mIf you're putting your home up for sale, then you've got to get it ready on many levels. First impressions matter.


In fact, most prospective buyers will form an opinion of your home within the first few seconds of seeing the house. Unfortunately, most of these buyers have limited imaginations. They could look at a garish wall color or shag carpet and think, "This isn't the house for me." Never mind that they can repaint and re-carpet. Knowing this, many brokers will recommend "home staging." This is where professional decorators swoop in, take out all your furniture and replace it with showroom pieces that can turn your home from "drab" to "fab." (That's decorator talk!)

The right home staging could make all the difference. The Real Estate Staging Association found that in control tests where identical homes were on the market, the homes that were staged sold in 45 days while the un-staged homes took 102 to sell. The good news is that you should be able to get your home staging money back with a higher sale price. However, there is a lot you can do to help with the staging process. Even if you don't go for a complete furniture swap, you should definitely bring in Junk King for a total de-cluttering session.

Today's home-buyer will start their search for a new house online. No doubt, your broker has already prepped you to get your home ready for its "close-up." You'll have to take a lot of photos to post online. Before you start snapping away with your camera, you should consider pulling down the personal items and keepsakes. You don't want buyers to become distracted by family photos. If you have pets, then you should absolutely remove all evidence of those pets from the photo and for the subsequent open houses.

Yes, curb appeal will extend beyond your manicured front lawn and into your closets, attic, basement and garage. Those are the major junk zones in any home. Getting rid of all of that stuff before prospective buyers show up is going to open up a lot of space. Remember when you first looked at your home? Didn't you like the fact that you had closets and extra storage? Show your buyers that they'll be getting the same level of wide-open space.

Aside from improving your chances of a fast sell, de-cluttering with Junk King has an added benefit. You won't be bringing all that junk to your new home. You'll also be saving moving costs. Once those movers show up, the clock starts ticking. Adding extra boxes and furniture is going to slow them down and fill up the truck. With Junk King, there is never a charge for labor. Thanks to Junk King, you can put your home on the market with confidence.

Is Your Home Ready For The Big Show?


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