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July 4th Preparations and Celebrations

July 4th Preparations and Celebrations

Depending on where you live, the Fourth of July provides a variety of celebratory events in a single day. As such, it’s important to make plans about how to spend that day.

Decide the Basic Plans First

Do you go to a parade? Do you go to a backyard barbecue? Do you go to a July 4th carnival or festival? Do you go see fireworks? Do you buy a bunch of fireworks and light them yourself? While it’s obviously possible to do several events in a single day, it’s important to make plans early if you want to truly enjoy the experience.

For starters, check to see about any local events, where they will take place, and what time. Then check about any personal invitations to parties and gatherings, and then go from there.

Stay Cool, Stay Hydrated

Doesn’t matter if you’re headed to a park, a parade, or the backyard, it’s still summer outside, so you’ve got to be serious about staying cool and hydrated.

The usual summer survival skills will apply: comfy clothes, hats, sunscreen, shade, and frequently drinking water. Some special circumstances, including thunderstorms and heavy rains, might lead you into a false sense of security regarding the basics. After all, it’s hard to imagine dealing with dehydration when it’s pouring rain.

Regardless, maintain summer heat discipline at all times, even at night. Sunscreen may not be a requirement after sundown, but odds will be good that it’ll still be hot outside.

Firework Safety

If you’re going to watch a fireworks show, stay clear of the blast zone at all times. Fireworks can be notoriously tricky, so even being within a few feet of them can be dangerous.

And if you’ve decided to purchase your own and celebrate the independence of our country by blowing up a small portion of it, practice basic fire safety procedures before you strike a match. Keep water and sand handy for dousing rouge fireworks, submerge spent fireworks in a bucket of water, and have a first aid kit on hand.

Even small fireworks like sparklers can result in massive burns, so treat every firework with respect and caution.

American Flag Displays

Old Glory goes on full display in July, and it’s important to show proper respect for the flag at all times.

For some people, respecting the flag means not wearing clothes with the symbol unless it’s part of a uniform, while others get decked out head to toe in red, white, and blue. Whatever your preference, remember to keep the flag itself off the ground and in good shape. If the flag on display has become worn by age and weather, it’s acceptable to retire the flag and replace it with a new one.

Some communities offer locations to deposit worn flags for proper retirement.

Respect Yourself and Others

America continues to exist as a country because of numerous viewpoints and experiences of all its members. At a time when we seem so divided, remember to honor the Fourth of July by respecting yourself and those around you, regardless of the difference in viewpoints.

July 4th Preparations and Celebrations


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