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Junk Hauling for the NFL Season

Junk Hauling for the NFL Season


Wouldn't it be great if you could have some of the huge linemen from your hometown NFL team put their strength to work in your home?Imagine those guys on moving day, hauling your heavy items out of the house as if they were carrying grocery bags. Unfortunately, the thought of hanging out with our favorite NFL players, much less having them do our household chores, is just a pipe-dream.

Don't fret too much though - at least the NFL season is finally here! *Cue NFL Theme Song*. For families across the US, the start of the NFL season means much more than simply watching football games. It means family and friends getting together to root for their home teams, it means Halloween and Thanksgiving are on their way and it means getting your 'entertainment room' completely overhauled for the best NFL viewing experience in the neighborhood.

Although the start of the NFL season is all about having fun, preparing for those gatherings can be a bit of work. Having friends or family over for the big Sunday game means using your Saturday to do some shopping and pre-party prep. A stop by the grocery store to pick up your standard game foods is a necessity. Some favorites include buffalo wings, potato skins, vegetable dips and your standard chips and salsa. Some ice cold beer is usually in order as well.

The real work, however, comes into play at home and getting your living room ready for the game. On the simpler side of things, a nice dusting/wipe down of unused furniture surfaces can make everything shine a bit more. For those with larger aspirations for the NFL season, a complete overhaul of the living room may occur. This could include getting rid of the old boxy TV set and replacing it with a Flat Panel, LCD, Plasma, 3-D, Super-HD 150 inch screen. Well, maybe that's a bit much, but many people are replacing their old TV sets with new high-def screens.

Some people also might consider a new furniture set for the living room. Sitting on old, musty, ripped couches and chairs can take away from the game viewing experience. Now imagine a brand new furniture set that matches your team colors; now there's something that can get you pumped up for the game!

The job of getting your old junk out and the new furniture in can be quite a task. And, unfortunately, we don't all have NFL linemen to do the heavy lifting for us. However, you do have a professional, eco-friendly and affordable junk hauling service just a phone call away - Junk King! The Junk King team is just as excited for the NFL season as you - we'll be rooting for our home teams all around the country. We'll also be helping you prepare for your NFL parties by hauling out your old junk and making sure it gets disposed of in a responsible, eco-friendly manner. Give us a call at 1-800-995-JUNK and we'll give you a free on site estimate.

Junk Hauling for the NFL Season


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