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Junk King’s Robust Leadership and Marketing Expertise Haul in Success

Junk King’s Robust Leadership and Marketing Expertise Haul in Success

One of the many advantages of franchising is that you have a tried and tested playbook to work with. Given that so much hinges on that instruction manual, however, you want the best leadership at the top, adjusting the template to meet changing needs. Junk King understands this fully, which is why our leadership team is filled with industry experts who use their expertise to deliver the best results.

Case in point, Crissy Russo, the senior director of marketing at Junk King. Understanding that marketing needs to be innovative to stand out in a noisy landscape, Russo and the leadership team devise special campaigns that catch the attention of the public.

Take Junk King’s Valentine’s Day promotion, “Dump Truck” and “Lovestruck,” for example. The Dump Truck campaign targets those who are heartbroken and need to toss out their ex’s stuff. Lovestruck, on the other hand, is about upgrading or downsizing for the couples in love. Interested customers use their social media channels to share their love story. In the process, Junk King hauls in tons of media attention nationally and locally. Check out how we’re taking a fresh perspective on these campaigns this year!

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National visibility and marketing help keep Junk King top of mind among consumers. The ace leadership team at Junk King helps franchisees not only through marketing campaigns and increased brand awareness, but also through technology investments in proprietary software, and a franchise support team who help untangle challenges if they arise. Darlene Viering, who joined the team as vice president of franchise development in 2020, has more than 25 years of experience in franchising and brings her expertise to drive even more growth for Junk King franchisees.

Robust leadership notwithstanding, Junk King doesn’t believe in a top-down approach — franchisees are part of the team and receive just the right support as and when they need it. A franchise might have a good concept, but it needs execution from a team of leaders. Junk King has a deep bench of experts who know the ins and outs of franchising and help franchisees succeed every step of the way.

If you’re interested in the Junk King franchise opportunity, learn more about becoming a Junk King franchisee.

Junk King’s Robust Leadership and Marketing Expertise Haul in Success


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