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Junk Removal Reviews

Junk Removal Reviews


What's in a review? Nowadays, when someone wants to use a service, try out a restaurant, see a movie, hire a contractor, or even see a dentist, they check out the reviews first.

It makes sense that if you are going to put down money for a service or product, you need to do a bit of research first to make sure you're getting your money's worth. Back in the day people would look for word of mouth reviews, simply by speaking with neighbors, family members and friends that might have previously used the service or product. Today, most people go online for their reviews. The great thing about the internet is there are a plethora of reviews for all sorts of services and goods out there.

'Professional reviews' are one thing - although they are often well-crafted and eloquent, you can't always trust what a single person has to say (especially if they are being paid for writing it). The other option is checking out the user created reviews online. These reviews are created just because an individual has tried out a service or product and they want to share their opinion, whether it is praising the service, telling people to stay away, or anything in between.

There are number of prominent websites to check online for reviews, but one of the biggest and most trusted one is Yelp.com. Yelp's motto is 'real people, real reviews' and that is exactly what you get with the website. Yelp provides a more balanced perspective than many other sites just because of the sheer volume of reviews that are written. Although one or two biased reviews can throw the balance in one direction, if there are ten or more it's probably a good customer representation.

Junk King San Carlos is proud to provide it's customers with the most professional, eco-friendly and affordable junk removal service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our commitment to giving our customers outstanding service is reflected in our Junk Removal Reviews on Yelp. A recent review from 5/10/2010 reads:

"Let me tell you why they earned every penny. Twenty minutes. The guys were super efficient. Pros. They really worked hard and fast. Tried to watch out for my walls as well... There are certain things you want to spend money on. Certain things where quality matters. Go with Junk King. Keep your peace of mind and clear out your clutter."

Junk King San Carlos would like to continue to add to our great Yelp reviews by continuing to provide a valuable service at an affordable price. If you are in need of Bay Area Junk Removal, book an appointment online or give us a call at 1-800-995-5865.

Junk Removal Reviews


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