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Junk Removal, Storage And Organization Tips

Junk Removal, Storage And Organization Tips

Every homeowner and business owner finds that they need to improve their storage organization. But that can be a challenging project without proper planning.


Unorganized storage leads to clutter, inefficiency and - ulitmately  - the need for some junk removal. Part of the reason is the natural tendency to accumulate things. Businesses fall prey to this as much as do typical households. And the ongoing need for many of these businesses and homes is figuring out how to best organize their existing storage areas.

Storage, Clutter and Junk Removal – Tips to Help Get Organized

Getting organized, de-cluttering, and optimizing your storage areas is no easy task. For many it can even be downright overwhelming. Putting things into storage closets and back rooms can begin to feel like playing Tetris® with all the shoving and cramming needed. 

At some point, it all needs to be cleared out and re-arranged. But that's a task few people relish.

Having a plan for a structured approach will make the process far easier whether you are a business owner, manager, or home owner facing an intimidating storage space organization task. Before you dive in and simply start moving things around, or throwing things out, it’s best to start with some preliminary steps:

1. Junk Removal

Before moving anything to a new space, go through everything being stored and set aside anything you don't need. Starting with just the items or belongings you need or want helps simplify the process. Part of de-cluttering is eliminating excess. Determine what you actually need to store and get rid of the rest, but always donate if possible.

2. Make a Plan for Organizing

If you have more than one storage space area, or a large amount of shelving, assign specific locations for different items. If possible, use clear containers so the items can be easily identified. Otherwise, use large and legible labels on every container, placed where they can be easily seen.

3. Asses the Storage Space

For example, basements are often used for storage areas, but they tend to be cold and wet. In those cases you want to make sure you use appropriate storage containers to protect items. Use plastic bins or specialty plastic bags to help keep the moisture out, or even a dehumidifier to ward off moisture damage, if needed. And keep items off the floors, if possible.

Here is handy checklist chart to guide you through your storage organization project:


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Effective Organization - A Five-Step Plan

The reality of most storage space areas is that they are prone to becoming cluttered and highly disorganized. If it is a space that is not used frequently, then it can become unwieldy and even hazardous!

These five steps from Styleathome.com can be used to create a simple plan for a focused project of organizing your storage areas:  

1. Commit

  • Break the task into manageable blocks of time.
  • If the area hasn't been organized in over a year, you'll probably need more than one weekend.
  • Four hours every weekend for a few of weeks should suffice. Less than two hours will not accomplish much and you may get discouraged.

2. Empty and Clean

  • Remove everything and do a thorough cleanup -- unfinished or cluttered areas are magnets for pests. If you can't empty the whole room at once, clear and clean half of it, then do the rest.
  • Consider painting the space white to brighten it, since you're less likely to neglect a room that feels like a finished part of your home.

3. Sort and Separate

  • As you remove items from storage, put them in categories (including "give away" and "toss" piles) and think about how those categories will translate into zones.
  • Save only things in good condition or with significant sentimental value.
  • Aim to keep the space no more than three-quarters full, so you can move around safely and easily.

4. Measure and Set Up

  • Take measurements of the room, including height, and rough out where zones will be.
  • Locate frequently used items near the door; other things can go in less accessible areas.
  • Examine sorted belongings (counting and measuring, if necessary) and choose systems and containers.
  • Browse organizing stores and home centers for shelving systems and bins.

5. Store ItemsAgain

As you move sorted materials into new containers within assigned zones, keep these tips in mind:

  • Store only clean items; clothes must be clean to prevent insect infestations.
  • Label everything; if you have time, prepare a printed inventory to tape to containers you can't see into.
  • Don't cover floor drains with bins or boxes.
  • Don't leave anything, especially flammable items, within 1-1/2 feet of a furnace.
  • Install a fire extinguisher, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector.
  • Store hazardous materials in a locked cabinet.
  • If the room has pipes, a hot water heater or is in a basement, keep everything that isn't in a waterproof container at least one foot off the ground.
  • Don't put clothes in airtight plastic containers; use fabric bags instead. Protect clothes from direct contact with cedar, mothballs and any other pest deterrents.
  • Enforce a "one in, one out" rule to avoid clutter and overcrowding in future.


Storage areas, much like other areas of your home or business, require the right storage space equipment. The right tools and hardware is important for maintaining efficiency and productivity. And, not to mention, sustained organization.

These six common organizing tools and equipment will help you to maximize the available space in your storage areas:

  1. Utility shelving, preferably adjustable
  2. Lockable cabinets or lockers
  3. Step-stools and/or ladders
  4. Plastic bins for long-term storage of papers
  5. Good, old-fashioned file cabinets
  6. Racks, mounts or pegboard hangers for tools and equipment

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Junk Removal, Storage And Organization Tips


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