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Make Room For Santa - Out Goes the Junk, In Comes the Holidays

Make Room For Santa - Out Goes the Junk, In Comes the Holidays

Many of your possessions around the house – inside and out – are like holiday guests: sooner or later they overstay their welcome. Well, maybe not everyone and not every ‘thing’, but it still rings true. And the pre-holiday period is an excellent time of year to take a good look at the clutter in your life. And do something about it.

Consider this: Studies show that the average American is hanging on to 23 items they never use. What’s more, a ClosetMaid survey of 2,000 people revealed that 57% said they kept things for sentimental reasons, while a third procrastinate throwing things out. On top of that, research says clutter leads to less focus and more stress. And we certainly don’t need additional stress during the holidays!

Let’s talk about the Why of Decluttering:

  1. It’s an opportunity to express gratitude. Sort through your clothes, for example, or teach your kids to sort through their toys with the goal of donating them to an organization that will see to it that they are given to those who are less fortunate. That’s a teaching moment and an excellent segue into the spirit of the holidays. It’s a win/win.
  2. Give the circular economy a nudge. Goods, possessions, things that are no longer in use affect our circular economy. Our society is geared to using and reusing material goods. You can help by letting your, (should we say it?) junk move on to the next stage in the economy.
  3. Lower the chaos in your life. There will be enough new stuff entering your life during the holidays, from decorations to wrapping and gifts, so make way for the fun.
  4. Clean now, easier cleaning later. You’ll be better prepared to keep your home spruced up for guests if you don’t have so much clutter.
  5. Make way for next year. When it comes time to pack up after the holidays, you’ll be much better off if you don’t have to work around stuff leftover from past years.


And the What and Where?

Every thing and every where. Be brave and be thorough. Survey all your items in all your places. Don’t forget the storage shed or attic; medicines, cleaning products, and the junk drawer. All of it.

Last but not least, the How.

Here’s where good intentions often falter. You don’t need to worry about where all these no-longer wanted or needed possessions will go. Don’t overlook furniture or appliances because you can’t move them. When you’re all done, just call Junk-King. Our sole mission is to pick it all up. Yes, all! We’ll help move, pack, load, donate, recycle and find better use for all your disposed stuff. And we’ll do it with white gloves and a smile. If it helps, put your reasons for decluttering into buckets: 1.) you’re having guests and you really do need the room. 2.) Some of your possessions are no longer valued by you but are likely to be of value to someone else (‘tis better to give, than to receive) and 3.) you’ll just flat out feel better when your home and life have less clutter. Less clutter, more happiness.

In each case, ask yourself: have I used this item in the past two years? Does it bring me joy or is it simply taking space?

So let’s start small; it’s easier and gets you started in the right direction. The low hanging fruit on the discard tree is clothing. First in your guest room: chances are you’re using the guest room as a sort of storage area, with extra or seasonal clothing stuck in the closet or under your bed. Clear these out so your guests will have their own space, and your home will be more inviting.

In your own bedroom closet, in your drawers, hanging on a hook in the closet near the door. Be honest: Someday you were going to wear that sweater, but you never did. The pants are a little too tight, the dress is really (really) not you, and the extra coat will be greatly appreciated by someone who doesn’t have one. And don’t forget the shoes or the extra hangers. Maybe there’s a blanket or two on the top shelf that you haven’t used for years. If you’d like, put all these items in separate pile or box, destined for donation.

More than one bedroom? Make a good pass through the room with the same mission, declutter your life and let someone else benefit from your stuff.

Continuing with clothing, be diligent as you review your mud room or entry closet. You might take a tip from the pros: declutter by category, not by room. When you declutter by category, such as clothing, toys, reading materials, utensils, medicines, you begin to realize how duplicated your possessions have become.

Books, magazines, Cd’s, cassettes, board games, and even the cases used to hold them; all entertainment items for someone else down the donation road. In reviewing your books, for example, you'll probably realize that you’re keeping your favorite books, even though you've read them and will not likely read them again. Time to pass along that great story? Isn’t it better to have someone else get the same enjoyment from them as you did? That’s your call.


Most people have utensils, pots and pans, serving ware, plates and glasses and small appliances that are never used or were used once and then shoved to the back. Your kitchen, like your mind, will operate more efficiently with less clutter.

How about toys and tools, hobby items collecting dust. If you have children, get them involved in the sorting process, and explain where their toys will be used next. They certainly have toys that will bring joy to a less fortunate child. Those too can make way for Santa or holiday guests for your peace of mind.

Now, you certainly have many other small items, tabletop accessories, lamps and stools that are now longer useful. But what about the BIG THINGS? Refrigerators, stoves, chairs and sofas, bookcases, TV’s, vacuum cleaners, you name it!

Might be time to get rid of that old, uncomfortable mattress in the guest room, especially if you’re overnight guests. Consumers’ Report suggests a seven-year life cycle for mattresses.

Outside there’s an old lawn mower that won’t start, planters that have seen their better day, bikes from past generations, even a swing set. That extra tire in the garage, who’s that for?

And we haven’t even checked the basement (washing machine) or attic (forgotten fishing gear).

Two categories of items need special consideration: your old electronics and household chemicals. That includes monitors, paint cans and oils, medicines and garbage. Yes, Junk-King will pick up and dispose of that, too.


Make Room For Santa - Out Goes the Junk, In Comes the Holidays


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