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Making Recycling a Routine Rather Than a Chore

Most people here in the US now understand and accept that climate change is real, and we need to do all we can to minimize and hopefully reverse its potentially disastrous effects.

 Recycling is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help take care of our environment, and it means that we, as humans, can make the most of the finite amount of resources our world offers.

Astonishingly, the average American is responsible for one million pounds of material waste every year, and we collectively account for 30 percent of the world’s waste. However, up to half of what we throw into landfills could be recycled, so if you’re not already in the habit of salvaging your junk, now might be a good time to start.

The Environmental Protection Agency states that the benefits of recycling include:

  • Fewer waste materials sent to landfills
  • Less pollution as we become less reliant on harvesting raw, finite materials
  • Keep our environment clean and safe for future generations
  • Reduced carbon and methane emissions
  • More jobs in the recycling industry

Of course, it’s not easy to make recycling a routine rather than a chore, but the following tips will help you make recycling a part of your typical day.

Recycling Made Fun and Convenient

If you want to do everything you can to salvage your waste and help our environment, it’s a good idea to have the whole family participate in your recycling efforts. Here’s how you can make it easy.

Different Bins for Different Waste               

Many people throw all their junk into a general waste bin because it’s easy and convenient, and it avoids having to painstakingly separate non-recyclables and recyclables. However, this is one reason why so much recyclable junk ends up in landfills, so take the following steps to prevent that from happening.

  • Keep a clearly labeled recycling bin or tub next to the general waste bin.
  • In rooms where there is too little room for multiple containers, place a divider in one bin and dedicate half of its space to recyclables.
  • Keep food waste separate from all other junk. You can use it to make compost for your garden.

You and your family will be more likely to recycle if doing so is just as simple as throwing junk in the general waste bin.

Don’t Throw Away Electricals

That old TV you own with a broken screen doesn’t belong in a landfill, even if it’s outdated and non-functional. Similarly, you shouldn’t throw away old phones, light bulbs, batteries, or even ink cartridges for printers. The chemicals found in electrical items and accessories can be hazardous to wildlife, human health, and the environment if left to fester in a landfill, but fortunately, lots of companies will recycle such items for a small cost or free of charge. Here are a few ways you can recycle electrical items:

  • Contact the manufacturer to check whether they offer a retrieve and recycle service.
  • Deposit old electricals at a dedicated recycling bank.
  • Contact a company that specializes in salvaging electrical items you no longer use.
  • Call a junk removal company that recycles as much waste as possible. They’ll retrieve your old items without you having to lift a finger.

Get Artistic

If you want to ensure the kids take recycling seriously, you ought to consider some fun ways in which they can recycle.

  • Salvage household items and repurpose them for your garden. You can fill an old wooden crate with soil to make a vertical planter and just about anything, from shoes to tires, to make flower pots.
  • Have the kids (under supervision) create works of art with aluminum cans.
  • Create a prize system to encourage kids to recycle as much as possible.

If you take the tips detailed above on board, you can make recycling a fun routine rather than a laborious chore. If you have a large volume of waste and simply don’t have the time to separate everything, you can have our professionals retrieve your waste and salvage up to 60 percent.


Making Recycling a Routine Rather Than a Chore


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