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Mother’s Day in the Year of the Coronavirus

Mother’s Day in the Year of the Coronavirus


This one can be tricky for a number of reasons. If mom lives in another state, it might be wise to avoid making the trip to see her, even if the air fares and gas prices seem inviting. Stick with a phone call or video conference to be safe.

If do you live within a few hours of mom, it’s possible to see her and still the social distancing recommendations. For example, if she’s within easy driving distance, head to her house, park the car, and have a get-together with at least six feet of separation. This plan might be difficult if you’ve got kids and they really want to see grandma, so be sure to explain the distancing rules to them before you arrive.

Visiting with some distance between you and mom might seem really awkward, so to make things a little easier, try packing food or refreshments to enjoy while you visit. And if you want to maximize precautions, there’s always a phone call or video conferencing. Better safe than sorry, especially with anyone over the age of 60.


In normal circumstances, sending mom a bouquet of flowers or a gift from Amazon would have been a simple matter of search, click, pay, and wait. However, many nonessential businesses have been forced to close their doors and shipping companies have switched priorities to materials needed for public health and safety.

So, what to do when you want to send mom a special something for Mother’s Day? For starters, call the local stores and businesses to see if they’re still operating; even if their primary stores have to be shuttered, some may be working from home and still offering services. Next, find out if they can ship their goods and, if so, how long it will take the package to arrive. If they can, make plans to ship the item early to ensure mom receives it by Mother’s Day. If not, it may only mean mom won’t get the gift until sometime after Mother’s Day.

And if so, let her know when you call or video conference her.  

Get Creative

But maybe visits and gifts might not be the best way to show love for mom on Mother’s Day. Well, why not get creative?

You could donate food or items under her name. Or make a video for her, which has the added benefit of giving you something to do if you live in a state with a stay-at-home order in effect. If she has a preferred volunteer organization, consider donating or signing up to volunteer when things return to normal.

Remember, Mother’s Day serves as a chance to honor and express appreciation for the women who have sacrificed and served for their families. As such, there can be no wrong way to show gratitude, even if it’s something as simple as a phone call or video conference. We can’t stress that idea enough, but it’s also the safest way to say thanks this Mother’s Day.



Mother’s Day in the Year of the Coronavirus


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