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Moving Can Be Fun?

2013-08-27 17:05 Moving can be fun, right? No, sorry. It isn't like that. Moving is a ton of work. Sure, you might be excited about the change in scenery, but even for those lucky few who are moving from Podunk to Paradise, there are probably a more than an equal number moving from Paradise to Podunk. Fact is, 40,000+ people in the U.S. move every year. So, do all those mobile Americans bemoan their fate and let the opportunities moving affords pass? Yeah, well, most probably see moving as a great pain with few benefits.
Here's the deal. Moving is a chance to winnow through your belongings and downsize. Why move all that stuff you haven't used for years? Do the math. Even if you are doing a cross-town move, paying off in beer, how much room does the unused stuff take up in the pickup? Time is money. Extra gas for extra truck loads are expensive. Yeah, you can rent a dumpster—and hope someone doesn't fill it up for you. That takes time and money as well. Or you can put off making a decision on your junk and rent a storage space. (Have you checked the rent on those lately?) The rule of thumb when deciding whether to get rid of that junk cluttering up your home is this: not counting seasonal stuff, have you used the item you're considering keeping within a year? If not, you can probably get rid of it.
Recemtly, I got rid of a bunch of old radios, video players, printers, etc. Let's face it, as soon as you buy an electronic device or computer accessory these days, there is already something better coming soon. That old Walkman or CD player has given way to the I-Pod or MP3 devices. So what can you do? Call Junk King and get rid of that junk including electronics. Junk King hauling and recycling properly disposes of E-waste and recycles or donates up to 60% of the items they pick up.
So, if you have to move, don't move stuff you don't need. Get rid of it. We do all the work.
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Moving Can Be Fun?


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