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New Year's Resolutions on Recycling

New Year's Resolutions on Recycling

New Year’s Resolutions on Recycling

1.  Stop with the Plastic Bags Already

This one gets touched on so much that it almost qualifies as a classic, but there’s always someone new ready to try it. So if you haven’t already, resolve to stop using plastic shopping bags. The trend on reusable bags has been going on long enough for multiple stores to offer a variety of bag designs, allowing shoppers to pick and choose how to customize their bags. This resolution also offers a two-for-one return on recycling resolutions; a reusable bag limits the usage of plastic bags, which also limits the odds of the plastic bags winding up in the recycle bin where they will go on to damage the machines at the recycling plant. One resolution chosen, two goals hit. Who said keeping resolutions was difficult?


2.  Unplug Devices When Not In Use

This resolution requires a bit more user diligence. Devices need power, which means they can spend a great deal of time on the charger. The trick to conserving power with charging devices rests with knowing when to unplug them to conserve energy. Electronic devices constantly draw energy if they are plugged in to the outlet, even if they’ve reached a full charge. That means chargers for devices like cell phones, cameras, and rechargeable batteries effectively become energy vampires when left on the charging cord, as they will continue to suck the power from the outlet.

The best way to accomplish this task? Constantly check on charging devices. If you leave them plugged up in another room, remember to go back and check on them. Once they’re done, pull the plug or turn off the switch.

If you’re looking to go hardcore on unplugging devices not in use, you might be tempted to unplug larger appliances like the television when not in use. Doing so might increase the odds of the television not getting zapped by lighting during a storm, but check your energy bill to verify if doing so saves energy.


3.  Bring Your Own Cup

Sort of a variation of Bring Your Own Bag, this resolution offers shoppers the chance to practice better recycling strategies while also letting your personality shine through.

A reusable plastic or stainless steel cuts back on the number or paper and plastic drinking containers while also providing greater usage than a standard bottle of water or cup of coffee. Feel like a cup of coffee? A reusable has you covered. Finished the coffee and need some water? No problem, just wash out the cup and fill as needed. Want a soda with lunch? Rinse out the same cup and use that at a soda fountain. One cup allows a shopper three different beverage options in half a day. Imagine how many bottles and cups you won’t waste in a week. Or a month. As long as you keep the cup cleaned and remember to check the seal around the edge, you’ll always have a drink container ready to go. Plus, you can buy a container with a cool design or decorate your own.

New Year's Resolutions on Recycling


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