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Old Furniture Removal: A Junk Hauling Challenge

Old Furniture Removal: A Junk Hauling Challenge


[This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been revised and updated to reflect the most current information.]

It's every homeowner's dream - and nightmare. You just got a room full of brand new furniture. But now you have to get rid of the old furniture. So, what do you do?

Good for you! You finally got that living room or bedroom set you've been wanting. While having beautiful new furniture xccxxvbxcvbmakes your home look more inviting and comfortable, your job isn't quite finished yet.

Now you have to figure out how to get rid of old furniture in your home.




New Furniture In and Old Furniture Out. But How?

So, exactly how are you going to manage that furniture disposal chore?

It sounds easy enough: deliver new furniture; haul away old furniture. But it doesn't actually work out that easily.

In fact, old furniture removal and disposal can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to break down and then haul these heavy pieces out the door, but you then need to figure out what to do with them. And many cities won’t allow you to simply place your old furniture items on the curb. 

You can take them somewhere yourself, but your options are limited and you have to have a suitable vehicle such as a truck or a van. Not to mention you need to do all the heavy lifting!

Replacing your old bed and mattress can be a great thing if your old one is no longer up to the job. And maybe you added one when you bought your new bedroom set. Congratulations! But now, once you get that new mattress in the house, how do you get rid of the old one?

The truth is, unless someone has already offered to take it, most old mattresses end up down in a basement, up in an attic, or out in a garage or storage shed collecting dust and taking up valuable space.

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture: Three Options

You Can Donate Your Old Furniture

  • One of the first places to consider is your own community. If you don't have a family member or close friend who will take your unwanted furniture, you might find a neighbor in need of a good, but used, couch or sofa. If all this fails, definitely consider donating to your local community centers, senior centers, or homeless shelters. 
  • There are a number of  charity organizations that will take used furniture that is in good shape. Some will slightly refurbish it for re-sell, while many others will simply recycle or re-use it. You should always call to check ahead before dropping off large furniture items.
  • If your town has one, the local community theater can often make good use of old furniture for stage sets. And don't forget the local college or high school drama departments. They likely need items like your old sofa or club chair.

Consider Selling Old Furniture

  • Old furniture can be sold on sites like Craig's List and eBay. In addition, there are sites such as Nextdoor and Chairish among others. Remember to provide good photos, clear descriptions, and to mention any stains or damage. If possible, have the buyer come to pick up the piece.
  • In many towns and cities you can find local consignment shops that will take your old sofa or couch and display it for sale. They make a commission and you can make some money in the deal. While you won't see your money right away, you do get that old furniture out of your home.
  • Having a garage sale, joining in neighborhood yard sales, and even going to a local flea market can provide a way to get rid of your old furniture items. Unfortunately, you still have to haul them around.
  • The biggest downside of the first two options is transporting your furniture. You still have to get your furniture out of the house and onto your driveway and then transport them to the consignment shop. The downside of online selling is that you have to set up an account, take good photos of your stuff, and write and upload a good listing. Then you still have the items sitting in your house (or storage unit) until you find a buyer.

Old Furniture Can Be Hauled Off by Professionals

  • You can hire a local guy with a truck to come and haul it away for you. However, you'll still need to break down and carry that heavy couch, sofa or recliner out the front door. And, depending on who you hire, you may have to help load it, too.
  • Hiring a professional junk hauling firm is a far better choice. If you call Junk King, for example, we do all the heavy lifting for you and take it all away quickly and efficiently. Paying for reliable and professional furniture disposal is definitely your best option.




Congratulations! You Got New Appliances, Too

Your junk hauling requirements may also include your old or worn out appliances. You don't want to have your old appliances sitting around the garage, unused and taking up space.

But getting rid of old appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and stoves by yourself can be a daunting process.

Maybe you just upgraded. Replacing an old range or oven gives you more features and better energy efficiency. And if you upgraded all your kitchen appliances at once, you now have a matching set of modern and attractive appliances. 

But what do you do with the old stuff?

Not only are big appliances difficult and dangerous to pick up and move, but what do you do with them once you load them in the car or truck? These are large and hazardous items that should not go to landfill.




Junk Hauling and Old Furniture Removal at its Best

At Junk King, we make sure that your old furniture items end up in the right place: whether it be a charity for the pieces of furniture that are still in good shape, or a recycling facility to ensure your old furniture is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Junk removal for appliances makes great sense because there’s simply no easy way to get rid of them yourself. Appliance recycling from Junk King takes care of the trouble.

  • We do the heavy lifting and hauling.
  • No need to risk damage to your vehicle by loading appliances in the trunk or back seat.
  • We know where to take appliances for disassembly, so all materials can be recycled or responsibly disposed.
  • You can make an appointment with Junk King, so you aren’t stuck with an old appliance sitting in your garage or on the curb!

Junk King provides an efficient, safe and eco-friendly furniture removal service so you don’t need to worry about the pick up or disposal of those old items.

Why Junk King Recycles as Much as Possible

Being green is part of our company mission. We back that up by recycling, donating, or re-purposing everything we possibly can. When it comes to appliance removal, we take the eco-friendly route by making sure the metal, plastics, and other materials involved get broken down and recycled properly.

If the item can be reused, Junk King will transfer it to a local donation center where it can find a new home.

Appliance recycling cannot easily be done by the average homeowner, but you can bring in a junk removal service to streamline the process. Typically charities will charge a fee for large appliance pick-up anyway.

And when you hire Junk King, you get professional junk haulers who know how to remove appliances without damaging your kitchen, floors, door frames, and driveway! Our trained and licensed crew even operates a fleet of bio-diesel trucks for many of our jobs.

You’ll love your experience with Junk King:

  • Easy scheduling and on-time arrivals.
  • A courtesy call about 15 minutes before we show up.
  • Uniformed crews made up of trained, insured professionals.
  • In-and-out with fast and thorough service.
  • Straightforward estimates with no hidden fees

Whenever you need to dispose of an old sofa, mattress, dishwasher, trash compactor, or other household items, think of Junk King. Book online or call us today at 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) to get started with a free estimate for your dishwasher or trash compactor removal.



Old Furniture Removal: A Junk Hauling Challenge


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