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Planning a Memorial Day BBQ? Get Your Yard Ready Now!

Planning a Memorial Day BBQ? Get Your Yard Ready Now!

Memorial Day BBQ

If you're planning on hosting a Memorial Day BBQ, now is the time to get your yard ready! This means getting rid of any extra junk that might be taking up space. Fortunately, Junk King can help with that. We're a professional junk removal company that will come and haul away your unwanted items quickly and easily.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call here at Junk King today and let us help you get your yard ready for a great Memorial Day BBQ!


Planning a Memorial Day BBQ

If you're planning on hosting a BBQ this Memorial Day, now is the time to start getting your yard ready! First, take a look around and see if there's any extra junk that needs to be hauled away. You want to remove any unsafe items from your backyard, especially if there will be children present at your BBQ. Getting rid of that old wobbly shed, maybe some trash from the corners of the back, or ditching that old wood pile could make your yard a lot safer. 

Next, it is time to get that junk out so you can plan out the back yard festivities. This is where Junk King comes in - we'll come and pick up all your unwanted junk so you can have a clean slate for your holiday party.

Next, start thinking about decorations. You may want to string some lights around the perimeter of your yard or set up a few patriotic-themed items. Whatever you do, make sure your yard is looking its best before the guests arrive!

Finally, start prepping the food. If you're making burgers, chicken, and hot dogs, get the meat out of the freezer and start thawing it now. You'll also want to make sure you have enough ice on hand for drinks. By getting everything organized now, you can relax and enjoy your Memorial Day BBQ stress-free!


Getting Your Yard Ready for the BBQ

Your Memorial Day BBQ is the perfect opportunity to show off your yard and hosting skills. But before you can invite your friends and family over, you need to make sure your yard is ready. Here are some tips to get your yard ready for the big day:

  • Clear away any debris: This includes sticks, leaves, and any other yard debris that may have accumulated over the winter months. You also want to clear out any stuff that’s found its way into your backyard and never moved since, like chairs, shelves, cardboard boxes, and more. Junk King can help you haul away all your extra yard junk so you can have a clean slate for your BBQ.
  • Mow the lawn: This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to do this step! By mowing and edging your lawn, your pride in ownership will shine. A well-manicured lawn will give your guests a good first impression of your home.
  • Weed the garden beds: Nothing ruins a BBQ like pesky weeds popping up everywhere. Take some time to weed your garden beds so they look their best and your flowers can take center stage on the big day.
  • Trim the hedges: If you have hedges or bushes in your yard, make sure to give them a good trimming before the BBQ. Overgrown hedges can make your yard look unkempt and untidy.
  • Sweep the patio/deck: No one wants to eat their BBQ dinner surrounded by dirt and dust! Be sure to sweep off your patio or deck before guests arrive.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure that your yard will be looking its best for your Memorial Day BBQ.


Common Junk We Have in Our Backyards That We Need to Get Rid of Before Family Gatherings

There are many common junk items that we have in our backyards that we need to get rid of. Some of these items include old furniture and toys, unused tools and even garbage. Getting rid of these items can be a challenge, but it is important to do so.

  • Old furniture: Many of us have old furniture that we no longer use. This furniture can take up a lot of space in our backyards, and it can be difficult to get rid of. If you have old furniture that you no longer want, consider donating it or selling it.
  • Broken toys: We all know the feeling of stepping on a toy that our child has left outside. Broken toys can be dangerous, and they can also take up a lot of space. If you have any broken toys in your backyard, make sure to throw them away.
  • Unused tools: We all have those unused tools that we hang onto just in case we need them someday. However, most of us never end up using these tools again. If you have any unused tools in your backyard, consider donating them or selling them.
  • Broken appliances: Many people have old refrigerators or stoves that they no longer use. These can be taken to a local recycling center or scrap yard.
  • Garbage: The best way to get rid of garbage is to simply put it in the trash. However, if you have a lot of garbage, you may need to hire a dumpster or call in a junk removal crew to take it away for you. 


Types of Extra Yard Junk That Junk King Can Haul Away for You 


Junk King provides an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly yard waste removal service so you can enjoy your Memorial Day holiday. We can haul away a wide variety of items including:

  • Old Patio Furniture: These old pieces of patio furniture may be missing upholstery, have rusted areas, or just be broken, and should be removed for safety reasons. Even old pieces of furniture that still look in good condition can be a danger if they are brittle from years in the sun. 
  • Piles of Wood: Whether you have leftover wood from a project, or even an old wood pile from a fire pit you used to have (or is now rusted through), leaving it there is bound to attract rodents and snakes. 
  • Old Sheds: There are many different dangers associated with leaving an old shed out in the yard. Between animals, rodents, and insects that could live there, plus the danger of it getting old and falling on someone, it is always best to remove an old shed once it’s outlived its usefulness. 
  • Hot Tubs: After a few years of use, or non-use for that matter, hot tubs typically become more of an eyesore than a used appliance. When they no longer get used, removing them is best for everyone involved, since it removes the risks of someone falling in and getting hurt or animals calling it home. 
  • Outdoor Furniture: If you have an old recliner, bench, or rocker that you sit in when you’re outside, chances are, it’s seen better days. One simple and helpful option is to junk it before anyone gets hurt or you fall when sitting in it, simply because it’s been outside for so long. 
  • Pools: When you no longer want that pool in the back, what are you supposed to do with it? Kids are grown, and the cost of keeping a pool is consistently rising. So, instead of keeping the pool, drain the water and have the Junk King crew come out, tear it down, and haul it away for you!
  • Electronics and Appliances: Between outdoor heaters, generators, and even radios and TVs, we often have a lot of outdoor appliances. It becomes an even bigger issue if you also have an outdoor kitchen. These electronics and appliances grow old and need replacing. When yours get old, removing them is the best solution. 

Our team is licensed and insured, so you can rest assured knowing that your property is in good hands. Plus, we recycle or donate and recycle as much of the junk we collect as possible, so you can feel good about helping the environment. Schedule a free on-site estimate today and let Junk King take care of all your Memorial Day clean up needs!


How Junk King Crews Make Yard Debris and Junk Cleanup Easier

Junk King crews are experts at yard debris and junk cleanup. We will come in and haul away your extra yard junk, leaving your BBQ area, or your entire backyard, clean and ready for the holiday. Our crew will also recycle or donate any items that can be reused.


Call Junk King Today So You Can Be Ready for Your Next Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is the perfect time for a backyard BBQ, and with Junk King's help, you can get your yard ready in no time. Their experienced team of professionals will come to your home and haul away all the extra junk that might be taking up space in your yard so that you can have the outdoor celebration of your dreams. 

With our timely service, you can enjoy an amazing Memorial Day weekend without having to worry about dealing with debris left behind by previous tenants or cleaning your yard up after a long winter. Get rid of those unwanted items now and make sure this Memorial Day is one to remember!



Planning a Memorial Day BBQ? Get Your Yard Ready Now!


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