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Professional Haulers Prevent Back Pain

Professional Haulers Prevent Back Pain

We all know a friend or family member that has hurt their back lifting something heavy. Back pain is the reason for one fifth of all physicians’ visits in the US, with a staggering nine out of ten adults experiencing back pain at least once during their lifetime.

Back pain can range from a mere everyday annoyance to a serious problem, underlying a medical condition or issue with the spine.

Although we all like to think we can hold our own in the lifting department, when it comes down to it very few people lift objects properly. Improper lifting, without fully utilizing the legs, is one of the primary reasons for back injuries. Lifting heavy objects adds to the problem: the bigger the furniture, the bigger potential for a serious back injury.

Most of us have had the experience of removing furniture from someone’s house or apartment. Carrying an old-school 40 inch television can put you in some awkward positions, reaching and grappling for a good grip and probably not paying attention to the ‘proper way’ of lifting.

Couches also are fairly difficult to maneuver while they are in one piece. Trying to get couches down several flights of stairs can often be a three person job, which ends up with one person pinned against a stair railing or wall. This type of situation is obviously is no good for back health.

Moving these types of heavy objects out of a home or apartment is often not taken seriously, but it can lead to a serious lifetime of back pain and problems. Although it is ‘possible’ to haul your old furniture or junk out on your own, it’s probably not worth the risk.

Experienced and professional junk haulers like Junk King know the proper way to move large and heavy items. Junk King employs trained professionals that will make sure to take care in not damaging any of your property while hauling the items out. Although you will need to spend money for this professional service, it will be well worth the while- imagine the cost of doctors’ visits for the next several years due to a pinched nerve or rotated disk.

Professional Haulers Prevent Back Pain


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