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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Everybody needs a little kindness now and then. For some ideas on how to better practice, or start practicing, some random acts of kindness, consider these suggestions.


If you’re one of those people who have a regular habit of engaging in basic courtesies, try something a little different. For example, if you usually hold the door open for strangers when you enter or exit a building, try engaging in basic pleasantries in other areas. Maybe try saying “thank you” to the person on the drive-through intercom or to the person who just made your coffee. Even small acts of kindness can make a huge difference in a person’s day.


This one doesn’t necessarily mean being warm and friendly to every person you meet, but more about paying attention to the vibes people give off. Kindness has never meant smothering others with affection or attention, and practicing kindness sometimes goes hand-in-hand with respecting an individual’s personal space. By being more open and receptive to the moods of others, you can practice kindness by saying “good morning” or giving them space if they need it.


If you’ve got family, friends, and loved ones, odds are good you know someone that will eventually need a favor. While it may seem obvious that helping out with a favor would be a good thing, try to consider helping when it’s a little inconvenient.

That is, if someone asks for help moving a sofa and you’ve got plans, see if those plans can be altered before saying no. Don’t ignore your schedule and responsibilities, but maybe see if they can wait for a little bit. But remember to ask for as many details about the favor as possible before committing to anything. It’s one thing for a person to ask for help moving a sofa, but it’s another when you show up and they ask you to help them pick it up from the store before moving it.


This one works well for friends, family, and colleagues, and it can be a little challenging for people who like to talk or who deal with any kind of social anxiety. When engaging in conversation, try letting the other person speak for five minutes without cutting into the conversation.

This one also works to help practice the idea of slowing down to enjoy life. Good conversations sometimes take a little while to get going, especially when the speaker has a lot on their mind. Keeping quiet and listening allows them to worry less about engaging in the back-and-forth of talking and focus more on properly expressing what’s on their minds. People can sometimes figure out solutions to problems or concerns just by talking about the problem out loud, so it’s a kindness to let them without jumping in to offer your own thoughts.


Put some money in a stranger’s parking meter. Roll a shopping cart back to the store, or roll it over to someone who just parked and offer it to them. Buy the coffee for the person standing behind you in line but try not to let them know. Pick up a nail or bolt off the ground in a parking lot. Offer a compliment to a random person, something brief like “nice jacket.”


Random Acts of Kindness


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