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Real-Life Lessons About Dumpster Containers

Real-Life Lessons About Dumpster Containers

So, you’ve recently started to make plans for a home improvement project or another handyman task on your property, and you’re considering your waste disposal options.

 You’ve probably already done a cursory examination of most of the tactics available to you, including full-service dumpster removal and the difficult prospect of carting everything to the nearest landfill in the back of your pickup truck or even your minivan. You may also have considered renting dumpster containers to fill at your own convenience so that you can enjoy more flexibility during the cleanup phase of your project.

There are certainly many compelling reasons to choose dumpster rentals over other methods of waste disposal, which is why we at Junk King started offering this service in the beginning. For one thing, renting a dumpster frees you from having to accommodate an entire cleanup crew at your house or facility. However, since professionals will ultimately collect your dumpster and dispose of the contents, you can also save yourself from having to cart your waste materials to the dump in your own vehicle, which allows you to avoid considerable stress (and damage to your car). Still, there are also some things that any discerning project manager should understand before renting a dumpster, whether their project is personal or public. No matter how big, small, simple or complicated your project is, you can make dumpster rental more convenient by doing some research ahead of time and avoiding common errors.

The fact is that dumpster rentals do make the most convenient waste removal solutions in a wide variety of different circumstances. They allow you to have more agency and often prove to be more cost-effective as well. The challenges that most people experience when they rent a dumpster have very little to do with the process itself and much more to do with the level of knowledge they have beforehand. Fortunately, you can make your dumpster rental seamless and stress-free when you take lessons from the following real-life examples:

  • Rent When Availability is Good
    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you decide to rent a dumpster is choosing the wrong time. When you’re timing your dumpster rental, there are many factors to consider. Most people think about the weather forecast for the week (or weeks) when they are renting, but in truth, this is only one of the criteria that you should weigh. While it’s true that renting a dumpster during clear periods of weather can make the work of filling it considerably easier, it’s also true that clear periods of weather represent one of the busiest times for dumpster rental companies, especially in seasons where clear weather is more sparse.

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Some dumpster companies find themselves swamped during stretches of time when demand is high, which means they may find it harder (or even impossible) to take on new clients. There are two ways to circumvent the problems that can come with renting a dumpster during peak season: either choose a different rental period for your project’s clean-up phase or choose a larger company for your rental so that they will be more likely to have the resources to help you. As a large company with active branches in many cities across the United States, Junk King can accommodate clients who have struggled to find other dumpster rental options during particularly busy periods.

  • Pay Attention to Bin Placement
    Bin placement is one of those things that way too many dumpster renters take for granted. They assume that since they’re renting a dumpster for themselves, they won’t have to worry about where it goes. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the placement of your dumpster can have a profound impact on your ability to fill it and have it picked up cost-effectively. One of the most overlooked aspects of dumpster rental in the United States is this: the dumpster rental company usually must drop off and pick up your container at the beginning and end of your rental period. That means they must have adequate space in which to leave it when they bring it to your property for the first time, and they need a clear path to it when they come to remove it.


If you have your dumpster placed on a remote area of your property and then block access to it with parked cars or other portable fixtures, your rental company may not be able to reach it on the day they come to collect it. This scenario can result in the company having to extend your rental period, which means that you’re likely to be charged late fees. To avoid this problem, look for a company that can provide convenient, driveway-appropriate dumpsters. These will ensure that you can place the containers in convenient spaces for the duration of your rental period and that they can be taken away when the right time comes.

  • Fill Your Dumpster Efficiently

One of the most critical aspects of a successful dumpster rental is to fill your dumpster properly, although this can vary according to the pricing model that your dumpster rental company uses. The fact is that not all dumpster rental companies price their services in the same way. Some base their prices on the final weight of the container, which seems reasonable until you consider that certain companies may include the weight of the container itself in the final total. In such cases, you may end up paying more for merely needing a larger dumpster, which can make projects of a certain size problematic. The same holds true for companies that charge you a flat rate for dumpsters of different sizes. If you rent a dumpster that is too small for your project, it won’t matter how much money you save on it. Conversely, you don’t want to find yourself having to pay extra for a dumpster that turns out to be too large for your project.


One innovative way to rent your dumpsters is to look for a company that offers more specific pricing options. At Junk King, we’ve tried to be mindful of our individual customers’ needs by offering prices based on the amount of space used in each rental container. Simply put, we charge you a rate based on the number of square feet you actually use in each dumpster. Most of our other parameters are set: when you rent from us, you’ll receive our standard 12 cubic yard mini-dumpster for three days unless we agree on a special arrangement. These 12 cubic yard dumpsters are ideal for storing in driveways during your rental period, which ensures that they can easily be dropped off and picked up again once the rental is over. Because we only charge for the space that you use, you’ll also be able to reward yourself for efficient work with extra savings!

When you decide to rent a dumpster to help you clean up after your next home improvement or professional project, you’ll be doing yourself a massive favor in many ways. Firstly, you’ll be providing yourself with a way to clean up on your own schedule and under your own terms. Secondly, you’ll be ensuring that responsible and highly-trained professionals undertake the sorting and responsible disposal of all your waste materials. Thirdly, you’ll be saving yourself time and money—if you choose a company that charges you based on a fair pricing model. Remember to look for one, and to rent from a company that can accommodate you whenever the need arises. Rent from a company that offers conveniently-sized dumpster containers, and you can even take care of bin placement without a care in the world.

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Real-Life Lessons About Dumpster Containers


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