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Recycle...or face the penalty?

Recycle...or face the penalty?


Cleveland, Ohio is implementing a unique approach to ensure their citizens recycle on a regular basis. Recycling bins in Cleveland will be outfitted with high-tech RFID Chips that let the city monitor if a bin is taken to the curbside on a regular basis.

If city officials see that the bin isn't getting used regularly, they will allows trash collectors to check curbside garbage bins for properly sorted materials. Incorrect sorting (finding materials that should have been recycled) will result in a $100 fine.

This new recycling system will be implemented for all Cleveland residents (480,000 people) within the next several years. The system was previously tested with a pilot program of 15,000 households, starting in 2007. Although the measure is already receiving some criticism due to concerns of privacy invasion, Cleveland's administration is steadfast in its new program.

There was plenty of incentive to cover the program's projected bill of $9 million. From TriplePundit.com: "For every ton of trash taken to the landfill, the city pays $30; on average, the city nets about $26 for each ton of recycled materials. "

Although punitive measures seem extreme - an increase in recycling ends up being better for everyone. The city, economy, citizens and environment all benefit from a boost in everyday recycling. As more junk is recycled and reused, less junk ends up our country's landfills. In addition, more recycling means less of a need for the production of raw materials like paper.

Although 'recycle monitors' haven't yet spread to cities across the country, it could end up that way as cities look for ways to save money and increase environmental awareness. Let's be realistic - people who don't regularly recycle aren't necessarily anti-environment, but simply might not have the time or knowledge to get it done. The sudden influx of eco-friendly marketing in the media could also be overwhelming to some people who are just trying to get by.

The best way to recycle is to take it one step at time: learn what types of materials can be recycled on an everyday basis. There are several guides online that can help with the details of recycling. Some larger items (furniture, appliances, construction waste) are harder to classify as recyclable (especially when broken up). These items also can't simply be placed in the recycling bin and placed on the curb; they need to be hauled to the correct recycling facility.

For these large items, a reliable and eco-friendly Junk Removal company like Junk King can be useful by saving a homeowner a lot of time and trouble. Junk King provides a professional and affordable hauling service that recycles up to 60% of all hauled materials.

Recycle...or face the penalty?


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