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No doubt I will make a number of designers happy with this blog. Anytime you remodel and make structural changes to a space, I think you need a designer. If you rearrange the plumbing,

make substantial changes to a kitchen or bathroom, or if business demands a suitable atmosphere, hire a designer. (Office spaces and reception rooms that demand a certain professional atmosphere need a pro.) Unless you can afford it, I'm pretty sure a couple of your more “design savvy” friends can help put together a simple living room or bedroom to your liking, but if you are paying a lot for furniture, perhaps, a more-practiced eye will save you some expensive mistakes.

By the way, one of the most pleasing remodels you can do is to get rid of all that junk or debris by calling Junk King. Forget the dumpster. Junk King is fast and green and we do all the work. It's our design to keep your place looking neat and clean.

Here's the thing: you can't go wrong with a designer for a large project. In my years of interviewing these professionals for the newspapers and magazines, and dealing with them as homeowner for almost 35 years, I rarely met a designer that I didn't like. But, I did meet some. A rule of thumb is to keep your designer separate from your contractor. A designer who is looking out not only for you, but for your project, is a great asset. Also, your Superstore hardware seller is not a designer. There may be a lot of competent folks out there selling kitchen and bathroom products, but they are there to sell product, not design the perfect dream kitchen.

Are designers expensive? They can be. But, they can sometimes save you a lot in mistakes or frustration. When I had my kitchen and master bathroom remodeled six years ago, my kitchen window ended up a few inches off center when it first got installed. The contractor never tried to claim it was close enough. He knew my designer had my back. He ate the cost and reinstalled the window.

Whether you are choosing a designer for a major remodeling project, or a smaller project, find one that mirrors your aesthetic. Take your time and look at his or her portfolio carefully. One designer I met as a newspaper reporter had done a lot of work in an exclusive area of Northern California known for its “less-than-subtle” decors. I didn't care much for her attitude, nor her work. Make sure you are comfortable with your pro. Remember, you're choosing them, not the other way around. If they are making you feel that they're doing you a favor by taking your money, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Finally, when your work is finished, give Junk King hauling and recycling a call to remove the debris. Forget that mess, we'll take care of it. We are your “designer” debris removal company.

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