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Renee Ferguson—Junk King's Thanksgiving Connection

Renee Ferguson of Dallas/Fort Worth Junk King can help you clear your clutter and make room for the whole family this holiday season. But did you know that she can also help you wow everyone with a Turkey recipe that will make the most committed sleep through Black Friday

Renee Ferguson is our very own Turkey expert. Author of Talk Turkey to Me, she worked Butterball's Turkey Hotline for more than 14 years. She has heard every conceivable question there is regarding the cooking of a turkey, and some that are probably inconceivable—like how much does my turkey weigh? How do you microwave a turkey—for the dogs? Talk Turkey to Men not only features over 80 great recipes (check out the To-Die-for-Cheese Biscuits) but a lot of good humor and good common sense.

Ferguson has become an expert in all sorts of “left-over” stuff, while still maintaining her expertise in talking turkey. She has co-owned the Dallas Junk King with her husband, Johann, for less than two years, but already their location is “cooking.” From oven temps and the refrigeration of left-overs, the cookbook author has turned herself into a junk “diva”—now tuned into disposal of stoves and old fridges among other items. The enthusiasm she had for mashed potatoes and gravy has turned to recycling and re-purposing.

Surprisingly, despite her time in the limelight on shows like Throwdown, with Chef Bobby Flay and Oprah, QVC, NPR, and the networks, Ferguson has seamlessly crossed over to the world of junk hauling. Maybe someday she can write another book, From Left-overs to Left Over—My Life as a Diva of Debris. For a look at Renee on YouTube and a recipe, see the link below.


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Renee Ferguson—Junk King's Thanksgiving Connection


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