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Responsible Junk Hauling

Responsible Junk Hauling


The term junk hauling doesn’t do our industry justice, but clutter recycling isn’t a term that will stick. Clutter Recycling, however, is a better definition for what we do. A responsible junk hauler does take pick up your clutter and take it directly to the dump.


We live by the mantra, "one mans trash, is another mans treasure" and we do our best to recycle, reuse, or donate as much as we can. In fact, over 60% of items we pick up are repurposed in some way.

Plastics, metals, and cardboard are the most commonly sorted and recycled items. We sort these items at our facility, and when we have accumulated enough volume, we recycle them at a center that specializes in recycling each of these items.

We also have smaller partnerships, with people that specialize in very specific items, for example someone may want want to take only our golf clubs, fishing hooks or books.

The most impactful for our community are the partnerships we have with charitable organizations like the Wounded Warrior program. They have a wish list of items like bookshelves, bar stools, chairs, and patio furniture. When we come across something that is in good shape, we refer to our list of non-profits to see who can benefit from that particular item.

Even old clothing can be recycled. Unlike your donations to the Salvation Army or the Goodwill, where you expect someone to be able to reuse these items, companies like 7th Generation don’t care about condition because they can recycle anything that is not in usable condition. If you want to throw out bags full of old kitchen rags, socks, or shirts with holes in them, no problem. We’ll find a partner that will recycle textiles regardless of condition.

We often see items by the side of the road like TV’s, refrigerators, and mattresses. A lot of people won’t dispose of these items properly because there is often a surcharge associated with disposing of them. Refrigerators have Freon, TV’s have mercury, and other chemicals that need special care for disposal. We understand that this is the cost of doing business, and we happily pay the cost of recycling/disposing of these items properly.

Where most people see a pile of clutter, we see a pile of potential, and we take pride in knowing that the more jobs we have on our schedule, the cleaner we help keep the planet.

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Responsible Junk Hauling


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