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Rolloff Dumpster Service: Expectations vs. Reality

Rolloff Dumpster Service: Expectations vs. Reality

A rolloff dumpster service is a smart option to consider if you are in the midst of a move, a renovation, or a major cleanout. From homes to offices to storage units, having a dumpster right outside your door is extremely helpful if you need to dispose of construction debris, broken down appliances, or other junk you don’t want.

As with anything else, though, you might have some unrealistic or skewed expectations if you are about to rent a dumpster for the first time. Below, we’ve tried to break down some of the most common expectations about rolloff dumpster services—as well as the realities behind them.

  1. The Expectation: You’ll pick the perfect dumpster size.

The Reality: You end up with A) not enough space, or B) too much space.

One of the most challenging parts of renting a dumpster is deciding how much space you need. Most companies offer dumpster rentals in a range of sizes. Do you need a 10-cubic yard dumpster? Or maybe a 20-cubic yard bin? Or are your trash needs truly extensive, necessitating a 40-cubic yard rental? Making the decision is exceedingly difficult, simply because it’s tough to know how much space all your junk is going to take up once it’s in the dumpster. This kind of estimate is especially tricky with renovations when so much of the waste—carpet, drywall, flooring, etc.—is a part of your home.

While we’d all like to think that our estimation skills are second-to-none (“Hey, I won the ‘Guess How many M&Ms are in the jar game once!”), the fact is that we aren’t. Most likely, you will reserve a dumpster that is a little too small or big. In the former situation, you’ll need to have the company haul the dumpster away and bring you another one, which can take time and cause delays in your project. In the latter situation, you’ll end up paying for space you don’t use. Neither outcome is ideal.

So, what’s your best bet? Look for a rolloff dumpster service with a one-size-fits-all dumpster rental option. Typically, businesses offering this structure will only charge you for space you actually use. Plus, you won’t have to labor over adding up your stuff and trying to estimate cubic yardage, which is a significant burden off your shoulders.

  1. The Expectation: You don’t need to be organized because it’s not that hard to toss stuff into a dumpster.

The Reality: Most rolloff dumpster service companies set up rentals on a limited-time basis.

It’s true that renting a dumpster and putting it in your driveway makes cleaning out your house a lot easier. For one thing, you get to cut out the trips to the nearest landfill or recycling center, which can save you a lot of time and let you focus on cleaning. Don’t overestimate the convenience factor, though. Some people assume that having a rental dumpster means they don’t need to be organized with their cleaning. They can just toss things into the dumpster willy-nilly and get the whole project done in an afternoon.


In reality, organization is always the best place to start. For one thing, taking time to break down boxes or take apart bulky or unwieldy items will conserve space and minimize the likelihood of you overfilling your dumpster. For another, a big part of most cleaning projects is separating the stuff you want to get rid of from the items you want to keep. This process takes time, and you don’t have a lot of that. Your dumpster rolloff service is a rental, and just like when you rent a car, you only have a few days to burn. Taking extra time will cost you extra. As such, being organized with your cleaning before the dumpster arrives will help you avoid a situation where you need to keep the rental for an extra day or two.

  1. The Expectation: You can throw anything in your rental dumpster.

The Reality: Different rolloff dumpster services have different restrictions on what you can throw away.

One of the most appealing things about rental dumpsters for most people is that they are big enough to hold almost anything. Couches? Check. Appliances? Check. Bulky old cathode ray television sets? Check. Don’t just assume you can throw anything in your rental bin, though, or you could run into some issues with your rolloff dumpster service company. Most dumpster rental companies have restrictions about what you can throw away, with specific items such as car batteries, tires, or mattresses frequently appearing on “Prohibited” lists.

Ultimately, the smart thing to do is to avoid making assumptions. Before you arrange a dumpster rental, look for a page on the company’s site that lists items you can or cannot put in your dumpster. Some businesses rent out different bins for several types of waste, so be cognizant of this fact as well. For example, if you are doing a bunch of landscaping and need somewhere to dispose of all the yard waste, you might need to rent out a special kind of dumpster or bin.

New Call-to-action Also, keep in mind that just because a dumpster service company lets you throw something away doesn’t mean you should. For instance, mattresses can be a big problem if you don’t responsibly dispose of them. It may be convenient to toss everything in the dumpster, but many of those items might have the potential for donation, reuse, or recycling. Sorting out things to recycle or take to the nearest Goodwill takes time, which you might not have. However, do note that some dumpster rental services will do the sorting for you. To keep as much stuff out of landfills as possible, it is worth your time to look into such services.

  1. The Expectation: The workers from the dumpster rental company will help you lug your couch out to the dumpster.

The Reality: A rolloff dumpster service is a self-service arrangement.

When you rent a dumpster from the right company, you will get excellent customer service. They’ll call you before your specified delivery time to make sure you are ready for your dumpster to be dropped off, and they’ll consult with you before rolling the bin off the truck. When the time comes for them to return and collect your dumpster, they’ll call you again to confirm the time.

On the contrary, a rolloff dumpster service is meant to aid DIY cleanout projects. You reserve the dumpster, the company drops it off, and then you fill it. The dumpster doesn’t come with a pair of movers to help you carry couches or broken washing machines out of your house. Many of the companies that offer rental dumpster services offer full-service junk removal as well. However, these services are not the same thing and do not overlap. Said another way, you need to get a few friends or family members to help you out if you need to get rid of any heavy or unwieldy items.


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Provided you go in with the right expectations, there is no reason that your dumpster rental experience shouldn’t be a positive one. A rolloff dumpster service is the perfect complement to a renovation project, a big move, or an extensive spring cleaning endeavor. By accepting the realities described above and letting go of unrealistic expectations, you can set yourself up for an easy, convenient, and cost-effective project. Cleaning out your home/office and getting rid of old, undesired junk has never been so easy!

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Rolloff Dumpster Service: Expectations vs. Reality


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