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Santa Claus Could Use Some Junk Hauling

Santa Claus Could Use Some Junk Hauling


As the holiday spirit embraces us, we often tell our kids the many tales of Santa Claus and his elves up in the North Pole. Most versions of the story are fairly similar: the jolly bearded man runs a tight operation in the freezing north, managing a hyper-efficient team of elves that are tasked with bringing joy to kids around the world.

The main purpose of this north pole base is to build a myriad of different toys and then deposit them in the homes of those kids who were 'nice' throughout the previous year.

Like any large production company, Santa's toy building operation would indirectly produce a massive amount of junk and trash. For every hundred toys that were successfully produced, there would likely be a few duds and broken items among the batch that a 'nice' kid certainly wouldn't want to end up with. It wouldn't only be the smaller toys that could end up botched, but also bikes with missing handle bars, power wheels with faulty engines, and giant toy robots that were permanently switched to the 'evil' setting. All of these broken toys would need to be tossed out.

Santa wouldn't want to taint the pristine wilds of the north pole by tossing all of that junk into a landfill; he would certainly go with a greener option and recycle the discarded toys. Which is why a Junk King North Pole franchise would come in handy; they'd make sure to take all of that junk off of Santa's hands so he could get on with his business.

On a more serious note, the holiday season does produce a ton of junk and trash due to the massive amount of buying that occurs. As kids and adults get new toys to fill their homes, their old toys often become less important (aka junk). That new lazy-boy recliner will certainly replace the old ripped one, and the state of the art HDTV screen means there won't be room for the old boxy TV set anymore. Where do all of these junk items go?

Most often, these items end up sitting in someone's basement or garage, collecting dust for several years. Not only are these items now useless, but they are also taking up valuable space in your home that could be otherwise utilized more efficiently. So instead of trashing your house this holiday season, give Junk King a call at 1-800-995-JUNK and they'll haul that garbage out of your house before you can say "Kris Kringle."

Santa Claus Could Use Some Junk Hauling


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