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SF Giants Help Out with Bay Area Recycling

SF Giants Help Out with Bay Area Recycling


Those of us who live in the San Francisco Bay Area have been really excited about something recently: the San Francisco Giants.

Earlier this month, the Bay Area hometown team won the National League West Division for the first time since 2003 and since they've gone on to defeat the Atlanta Braves in the first round of the playoffs.

Not only are the Giants giving Bay Area fans a sport to root for in October, but they are also are helping out California's environment with a monumental recycling program. The Giant's home field, AT&T Park, boasts a recycling program that recycled nearly 75% of all its collected waste last year. That's approximately 1,750 tons of junk that was recycled and avoided ending up in a landfill.

From Reuters: "The Giants are the best in the West, and just might be the best recyclers in all of baseball," SF Environment Director Melanie Nutter said in a statement. "This level of recycling is incredibly high for a ballpark and may even be the highest in the country for this type of facility."

Getting the recycling program at AT&T park to such a high performance level wasn't easy. Not only are there more than 100 recycling receptacles in public areas throughout the ballpark, but the Giants management team also has made a commitment to training its custodial staff in sorting out recyclable materials.

The Giants aren't the only Bay Area organization that has made a commitment to recycling. Junk King, the Bay Area's greenest junk hauling company, also has an award winning recycling program. To date, Junk King has saved nearly 2,282,500 tons from local landfills due to its environmentally friendly hauling practices. Junk King's professional hauling teams have been trained to make sure that the household items they pick up end up in a recycling facility instead of a landfill.

Today, Junk King franchises around the country are starting to spread the green outlook by taking these eco-friendly practices to cities outside of the Bay Area. So, if you see one of Junk King's red trucks in your local community - get ready for a 'green overhaul.'

SF Giants Help Out with Bay Area Recycling


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