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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Officially, spring represents a time of new life, growth, and a time for new beginnings. Unofficially, it’s also the time of year when home care suddenly gets hyper charged after avoiding the big cleaning jobs during winter.

Consider these tips when engaging in your spring cleaning chores.

Check Your Rain Gutters

With spring arriving, the primary weather concern in most regions will be the arrival of spring and summer rainfall. But even if you live in a more arid portion of the country, it’s always a good idea to get on the roof and take a look at your rain gutters.

Why the gutters? Because rain water that doesn’t get transported off your roof and away from your home can end up causing long-term damage problems like rot, mold, and even foundational damage if the downspouts don’t direct the water away from your home’s base.

Clean out any leaves, dirt, and debris that may have settled in the gutters since the winter, and check to ensure punctures and cracks haven’t formed in the railings. If they have, try liquid sealant to seal the breaches, and avoid using edged tools to scrape out the gutters or you could accidentally puncture the roof.

Engage In Lawn Care

Have a lawn that you haven’t mowed since last October? Get out there and see how it’s doing. Have planters or small gardens that look dead? Do an inspection and take some time to look for signs of insect infestation or any damage that could be detrimental to your house.

Lawn care does not just mean mowing the grass and trimming the sidewalk; it really means taking a good look at everything growing on the exterior of your home and making sure it’s healthy, presentable, and not posing a problem to your house.

Check your lawn maintenance equipment, too, both the motorized machines and the basic clipping tools, especially if they haven’t been used in several months.

Clean Out Your Home

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a house, a condo, or a bungalow. It’s been a long winter, and nothing welcomes the spring better than clearing out and freshening up your living area.

When it comes to cleaning a home, it’s always best to start at the top. More specifically, it’s best to start by dusting the walls and high corners and working your way down to the floor. This means the floor will be the last thing to address in a deep cleaning, allowing you plenty of freedom to knock dust and dirt to the floor and not have to worry about making a further mess because you forgot to dust the bookshelves.

Also, if the weather allows, open up the windows and let some fresh air into your home. Just be aware of what’s outside when you do open the windows, especially if the window in question happens to be facing where the outdoor garbage cans sit.

Don’t Forget The Bathrooms

This one cannot be overemphasized. Use bleach cleaners, try steel wool for stubborn bathtub stains, and always use rubber gloves when scrubbing any part of the toilet.

Have Fun With It

The trick with any spring cleaning job can be found in finding ways to distract yourself from the task. Blast some music, take frequent breaks, and enjoy how clean everything looks when you’ve finished.

Spring has officially sprung, so you might as well have fun with it!

Spring Has Sprung


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