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Summer Home Improvements Require Disposal

Summer Home Improvements Require Disposal


[This post originally appeared here in August 2019. It has been expanded upon, revised, and updated to reflect more recent information.]

Summertime is a great time for homeowners to make outdoor improvements. But it also means taking care of outdoor junk disposal, like old, broken hot tubs.

If you're like most homeowners in America, you probably have a lot of old stuff lying around like old tools and lawn equipment, an old satellite dish that's no longer being used, or even a broken hot tub. So, how do you get rid of this stuff?


Backyard and Other Home Improvements Can Be a Challenge

Upgrading and renovating your backyard can be an exciting prospect, but it does mean work. And, while some of this work can be enjoyable, it's likely there will also be some plain, old physical labor like digging, hauling, and pulling.

Landscaping in particular can involve a huge amount of digging, excavating and removal of plants and trees. There could also be masonry and flagstones, or large rocks to be placed in garden areas as visual focal points. Again, lot's of work. But it's productive and often gratifying work.

Cleaning up, on the other hand, maybe not so much.

Face it - no one really enjoys picking up all the debris, junk and trash that was either already there, or that was generated during your extensive backyard renovation. And some of that junk might be large and bulky items, like the now-useless satellite disk we mentioned, or maybe even an old, broken-down spa or hot tub.

Not only are these things big and bulky, but they can be dangerous to handle and move. So, what is a homeowner supposed to do?


When Yard Waste Removal is More Than You Can Manage by Yourself

Of course, most yard waste obviously tends to be smaller materials and a bit easier to manage.

In fact, most of the time yard waste disposal is simply a matter of raking everything up, bagging it, or stuffing into your trash or recycling bins.

How hard is that?!

And even some of the larger things can be relatively easy such as getting rid of the broken-down swing set or the leaking kiddie pool. You may not get that into a residential trash or recycling bin, but you might be able to haul it out to the local waste transfer station, or get someone to help you do so.

Yeah, but properly disposing of a broken hot tub is not something most of us happen to know how to do, right?

So, if your "yard waste" happens to include that old hot tub that provided so many years of fond memories and soothed muscles, is it possible to to remove and dispose of it yourself? Possibly. But it is also far better to hire a professional junk removal firm to to take of such a large project for you. 

Like the team at Junk King. And they will remove it faster, easier, and also do all the heavy lifting!


How to Dispose of a Broken Hot Tub (And It Doesn't Have to be DIY!)

Okay, so not everyone has a hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi in their yard. But a surprisingly large number of U.S. homeowners do, in fact. And they are buying new ones all the time. While some of these new ones are first time hot tub purchases, a large percentage of them are bought because the buyer is replacing an old hot tub.

Whether you are buying a replacement or upgrade, or simply have an old one that should be gotten rid of, you're not alone. 

You might be thinking that old hot tub disposal is not a very common problem, but there are far more old hot tubs out there than you probably realize. In fact, there are many things about old hot tubs that might surprise you, which is why we put together this handy guide to educate you on hot tub disposal basics.


what you need to know about hot tub disposal infographic

Jump Start Your Home Improvement Projects: Expert Junk Removal

So, is hot tub disposal something you should take on all by yourself? Probably not.

Like we brought out in this infographic, you essentially have two ways to get rid of your old, broken hot tub:

  1. You can do it yourself.
  2. You can hire a pro.

Doing it yourself might seem fairly straightforward initially. That is, until you start looking at the construction, all the various components, and the sheer size and bulk of the tub.

  • How will you get it all apart?
  • How will you carry that tub out of your back yard?
  • And where are you going to get rid of it if you manage to get it to the curb?

These are valid questions and that's just the more obvious ones.

What tools will you need? Is it safe to even attempt it and is there anything hazardous in your hot tub materials? Will you need safety gear like goggles, heavy gloves and face masks? 

So, to be quite transparent, the fact is that, yes, you can do it yourself


If you don't have the tools, the manpower and a sufficiently large vehicle, it may be next to impossible to do the task on your own. And you may not even want to anyway. It's going to be a lot of work and messy, as well.

So, that leads us to the second option. 

Hiring a pro is almost always the better option for removing and disposing of that old hot tub. But notice we included "removing" as well as disposing. That's because some professional haulers will gladly put your old hot tub parts in their truck and haul it away.

But they probably aren't going to dismantle and remove it from your yard for you.

All of which means that the best value for your money and your best option for professional disposal is hiring a full-service hot tub disposal firm, like Junk King.


Junk King: Your Professional Team for Disposing of Your Hot Tub

While you may have the DIY option, Junk King will provide you with an efficient, safe hot tub removal experience so you don't need to worry about the pick-up or removal of that old tub. We do it all for you. You simply show us where the old hot tub is and our removal pros will break it down and carry it out in our specialized truck.

Not only that, but we make sure that your old spa ends up in the right place; in some cases a recycling facility to ensure your tub is disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Our professional and insured hot tub removal team will show up at your home and we call 15 minutes before we arrive on site. Once there, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck. You just point and we'll haul your items into our junk removal trucks, with no hidden fees.

Whatever you call it: hot tub, spa or Jacuzzi, we’re the pros who will make sure you can relax while we do the hard work.

So, are you ready to get rid of your hot tub? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Simply make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).

And check out our handy Junk Removal Checklist by clicking below.



Summer Home Improvements Require Disposal


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