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Thanksgiving Gratitude Guide

Thanksgiving Gratitude Guide

The holiday season has officially arrived, which kicks off with Thanksgiving before barreling into the numerous December celebrations. To enhance the overall practice of giving thanks, consider these suggestions for showing gratitude throughout the year.

1. Appreciate the Small Things

Everyone should take some time to practice gratitude for the big things in their lives, but appreciating the small things you get to experience every day can do wonders for your mental health. After all, gratitude doesn’t just mean being thankful for the big things, like health and family. You can also practice gratitude just by being grateful for the small things.

For example, was the morning weather nice? Be thankful. Was the coffee, tea, or morning beverage to your liking? Be thankful. Was the road trip to and from work free of accidents, injuries, or major delays? Be thankful.

2. Donate

Donations can refer to your time and/or money. Giving money to charities can certainly go a long way towards your personal sense of gratitude, but donating your time can be rewarding on other levels.

As a bonus, donations do not have to solely apply to professional organizations. Donating your time to a friend, either just by listening to their problem or helping them build a yard fence, allows you the opportunity to practice gratitude by donating the time and energy you have that others may not.

3. Self-Care

Not to be confused with self-indulgence, which tends to be a problem for many during the holiday months anyway, self-care shows gratitude for yourself by performing necessary personal maintenance on your body, mind, and soul.

Think of self-care more like a good diet, excellent hygiene, and maintained relationships instead of taking a day to binge watch something on Netflix.

4. Say Something Nice

Be genuine about it, too. Even a small compliment about someone’s multicolored shoelaces can brighten a person’s day, which they can return to you and others throughout the day.

5. Cook a Meal for Others

Cooking for otherwise demonstrates care for the health and well-being of other people. It’s a big reason why the holidays tend to focus on big family meals as part of the overall experience.

6. Can’t Cook? Take Someone Out To Lunch

Everybody enjoys food, regardless of the setting.

7. Being Present

Runs in line with the idea of donations, in that you’re dedicating the precious resources of time and energy to help others. It’s never trivial or small, even if the act of service involves just sitting and really listening to others.

Keep the phone in your pocket on this one. That’ll demonstrate truly being present for others.

8. Get Outside

What better way to show gratitude for the life you live than by getting outside and partaking of all Mother Nature has to offer. Use personal judgment on this one; it’s not necessary to enjoy the great outdoors during a heavy rainstorm.

9. Be Positive

Try it in small doses, and don’t try to fake it. Practicing gratitude should leave you with a least a smidge of positivity.

10. Pay It Forward

Gratitude can be contagious, so start the chain and see where it goes.

Because of the numerous stressful activities associated with this time of year, the holidays can be a challenging time to practice gratitude. But try anyway, and don’t be afraid to try various ideas for gratitude.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Guide


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