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The Future of Junk

The Future of Junk


Over the past decade the Junk and Trash Hauling industry has evolved drastically. Junk removal services are becoming more efficient and eco-friendly. It's interesting to picture what the industry will look like in another ten, twenty or even hundred years. What does the future of Junk Removal hold? Here are a few bold predictions:

  1. Space Junk Hauling: This one isn't as far-fetched as it seems. Space Junk has been dominating the science news headlines, as the debris from spacecraft and satellites is hurled at incredible speeds around Earth's orbit. Space Junk is very dangerous for any shuttles going into orbit or beyond, as even a small fragment of junk can puncture a craft's hull. There has been some talk of using powerful lasers to take care of this junk - however, what if a earthbound junk removal company was to make a foray into the great unknown? The private space sector is gaining steam, so it wouldn't be completely crazy to imagine a junk removal company also providing a service in Earth's orbit. The same principles would apply - efficient, eco-friendly and cost effective junk removal services.
  2. Junk Removal Button: Remember that 'easy' button in the TV commercials? Imagine if there was a junk removal button in your home or apartment, that you could press. Within minutes, a professional team would be at your doorstep, ready to haul off any old furniture, broken down appliances, concrete, yard waste or whatever else. It would be as easy as pressing a button, literally.
  3. Junk Expiration Date: One huge problem today is that people don't really know when their junk should be thrown out. People get attached to items, forget about pieces of furniture in dusty corners, or simply get lazy and never haul out their junk. What if furniture and other pieces of equipment came with an expiration date? It would be like a food item expiration date- letting you know when it was time to get rid of the item. In this case, the mechanism would alert the owner when the item was officially junk; broken, ugly, old or unused.

Although Junk King isn't providing any of these futuristic services just yet, they are constantly improving their junk removal services for their customers. Junk King is the leader in affordable, efficient and eco-friendly junk removal and would be glad to give you a free on site estimate. Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book an appointment online.

The Future of Junk


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