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The Junk Hauling Advantage

The Junk Hauling Advantage


Let’s face it: we’re a nation of pack rats. As we travel through life we accumulate “stuff.” Once we’ve settled into a place that stuff gets put away and sometimes completely forgotten about.

 As time goes on, what was once considered important becomes unpractical and even hazardous to keep around. You know the feeling: opening your closet door creates a mini avalanche of junk. Or your garage is so full of junk that you can’t use it for the original purpose of keeping your car safe.

What to do then? You've thought about throwing out all the junk yourself but never really have the time. On top of that your garbage cans and recycling bins are hardly big enough to fill with most of the material. That’s why calling in a professional junk hauling service is the best way to go to clear out the clutter in your home or business.

The junk we have in our lives can come in many forms. It could be old appliance that no longer works. Or perhaps there is an abundance of yard waste left over from the last storm. Or it could even be something as big as a leaky boat or a car with a trashed engine. Think of it this way: if there is something in your backyard, attic, basement, garage, or closet that is merely collecting dust it might be time to consider it junk and have it hauled away.

When considering a junk hauling service, you should take into account where your junk might end up. Does the junk hauling service you are interested in intend to dump it all in a landfill or do they recycle a portion of your unwanted trash? Every year, landfills overflow with the garbage we throw out. It’s a growing concern in the effort to keep our planet clean that we find alternative methods of junk disposal. Many states have mandated recycling programs for a lot of garbage. California has led the charge in this regard by setting up recycling centers that target specific waste items like mattresses, paints, solvents, and batteries.

Junk hauling is also an extremely valuable service for small and large businesses that need to get rid of out of date or broken computers, monitors and printers. This 'e-waste' needs to be properly disposed of, which a professional junk hauler can do. Once all of that clutter is out of your home or office, you’ll have more storage space for the important things you want to keep. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that the junk is out of your life forever.

Junk-King is a reliable, efficient and professional Junk Hauling service that can get rid of your junk today. Junk-King recycles 40-60% of materials picked up and only charges by the space your junk takes up in the Junk-King truck. For an free in-house estimate call 1-800-995-JUNK (5865) or make an appointment online.

The Junk Hauling Advantage


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