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Next Monday and Tuesday, Junk King will have their second annual conference for franchisees all over the United States and Canada, where we are known as Junk Works. So, what does this mean for the customer reading this?

Believe it or not, Junk King is always looking to build its customer base by providing the best in quick, easy service and green hauling, so you'll use our service again. We don't cut corners. The focus on our customers carries through to our phone team, our internet site, and our truck drivers and helpers. Constantly, I'm struck by the exceptional politeness of our staff. Every member of our team at the corporate headquarters has spent a day on the trucks picking up junk. Franchisees and potential Junk King owners also ride along on the trucks. That way everyone in the company knows the exactly what we do when we provide our service. No, we're not absolutely perfect, but if we make a mistake in any part of the process, we'll make it better. The most important part of our focus is pleasing the customer. It is written into our company handbook. With every job, we aim to gain a customer for life. Repeat customers are a huge part of our business, whether those customers are businesses, home owners, and/or renters.


So sure, come next week, with our conference, we will be talking about how we can create more business. But the most important part of creating more business is creating more satisfied customers. That means happy customers. And I make that distinction between satisfied and happy because when it comes to junk hauling and recycling, there is such a thing as happiness. Many of our clients are downright thrilled and happy to have their junk removed from their premises. It makes them happy to live in a less cluttered environment. So call Junk King and check us out.


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