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The Risks of Hiring 'That Guy with a Truck' for Junk Removal Services

The Risks of Hiring 'That Guy with a Truck' for Junk Removal Services


You've probably seen the ad on craigslist or some other advertising venue. It reads something like "Guy with truck. Cheap prices.


Will pick up the junk from your home or business. Call me at ---" Although your gut feeling tells you it isn't a good idea to hire this person, the 'cheap prices' line is inching you towards the phone. Don't do it - your gut is telling you the right decision to not hire this person. Here's a few reasons why it's a bad idea.

It's always better to hire a legitimate, reputable junk removal service like Junk King instead of turning to unheard of and unlicensed junk hauler. Some guy in a pickup truck may be cheaper than hiring a licensed professional, but the risks outweigh the benefits, especially if you are seeking the removal of junk from your home or business. In the event that something bad happens, that guy in a pickup truck could end up costing you a great deal more in the end in terms of both time and money.

Safety Risks

One of the main reasons to hire a bonded, licensed, professional junk removal company is insurance. Junk King's workers are bonded and insured. If some guy in a pickup truck gets injured hauling away your junk, it opens up the possibility for insurance claims against you. That is a hassle you definitely don’t need.

In addition, do you really know who you are inviting into your home? With Junk King, you are inviting trained, reputable, and courteous junk removal professionals. If you go with the 'guy with the truck' you are inviting a complete stranger who has the potential to be dangerous to you and your family.

Property Damage & Theft

Another risk to consider is the potential for the unlicensed haulers to cause property damage of some sort to your home or office . Somebody has to pay for the damage or expend labor in repairing any damages they cause.

Also consider potential property theft. You could find that items that were not junk were removed or an untrustworthy person could return to your residence at some time in the future to remove more desirable items. If working a job site, there could be theft of construction materials or contractor’s tools that could be seriously detrimental to your reputation if you are trying to run a business. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Legal Risks

There are also legal risks involved in hiring a guy with a pickup truck instead of a legitimate professional team like Junk King. Any injury or accident that occurs in your home could result in a law suit against you. Who knows - maybe the person has an act where they purposely hurt themselves just to embroil you in a legal battle and empty your bank account. You risk the security and sanctity of your own home when you choose 'that guy in a truck.' Far better to contact Junk King, a reputable company that has measures in place in case something happens.

For the safest, sure-thing, no hassles and no worries junk removal service, contact Junk King. Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

The Risks of Hiring 'That Guy with a Truck' for Junk Removal Services


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