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The Top 7 Benefits of Residential Dumpster Services

The Top 7 Benefits of Residential Dumpster Services

When the time comes to clean out your house—whether for a move, a spring cleaning session or just because—you have a few options at your disposal. Option one is to handle everything on your own, hauling junk to the nearest trash or recycling center whenever necessary.

 Option two is to hire a junk removal service to remove everything for you. Option three is to use a residential dumpster service (or self-service dumpster rental).

Each of these options has its benefits. Option one means you don’t have to set aside any money in your budget for trash removal, while option two means that you leave most of the dirty work in someone else’s hands. If you want a DIY solution that doesn’t require you to drive to the garbage dump a few times per day, though, option three is the evident way to go.

At Junk King, we offer a residential dumpster service that ranks as the top self-service dumpster rental in North America. Over the years, homeowners across the country have used our DIY services to power their cleaning projects. Perhaps you are relocating to a new area and have some furniture or appliances that aren’t worth moving. Alternatively, maybe you are renovating and need a place to dispose of building materials and debris. Either way, here are seven benefits you can expect from the residential dumpster service offered at Junk King.

  • You consolidate your junk disposal

Too often, cleaning your house just turns into an exercise in moving junk from one place to another. You might pile everything you don’t want in the corner, or toss junk into one of a dozen garbage bins or trash bags scattered throughout the house. While this kind of cleaning can give you a sense of accomplishment, it leaves you with a lot more work to do before your home is truly “junk-free.” Renting a self-service dumpster gives you a convenient place to consolidate your junk disposal. Everything you want to get rid of just goes directly in the bin. This streamlined system is especially great for renovations because it cuts down on the amount of cleaning you need to do when you finish the project.


  • You have a place to put bigger items

Smaller items aren’t difficult to throw away. You can toss them in your regular trash, or load them up in bags to take to the nearest trash and recycling center. It’s the larger items that pose the most significant problems. Furniture, appliances, torn up carpet, ripped out drywall: all these articles take up a lot of space and aren’t easy to transport. How do you get them off your property—especially if you don’t have a pickup truck or a trailer? The MINI dumpster from Junk King—our standard rental—is big enough to fit most larger items. No longer will you have to stand around wondering what you are going to do with that ratty old pull-out couch in the basement. Just haul it out to the driveway, toss it in the MINI, and continue to go about your cleaning process.

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  • You put yourself on a schedule

It’s extremely easy to start a spring cleaning project, take a break, and never resume the work. Renting a dumpster means committing to your project. At Junk King, we pre-arrange drop-off and pick-up times for every dumpster rental. In other words, we help you give yourself a deadline to get your cleaning or renovation work done. If you need more time, you can always call us to make the necessary arrangements. Still, many customers have told us that we helped them stay motivated during daunting spring cleaning projects.

  • You don’t have to break the bank

If you are thinking about doing an entirely DIY cleaning project—without any trash removal services or self-service dumpster rentals to simplify things—cost may well be a motivating factor. Especially if you are moving or renovating, you probably don’t want to add any extra expenses to your plate. The thing with residential dumpster services like Junk King, though, is that they are incredibly affordable. At Junk King, we provide simple upfront pricing, without any hidden fees or penalties. We also only charge you for used space in your dumpster. If you use less than half of the dumpster capacity, you can expect to pay as little as $125. If you use half of the bin, your pricing will land between $198 and $350—depending on your location and the duration of your rental. If you use the whole dumpster, you still might only pay around $258. These rates are affordable compared to the national averages and are well worth the other advantages that the Junk King MINI can bring to the table.

  • You can toss anything into the bin

One of the biggest frustrations of cleaning out your house is sorting everything. Trash, recycling, donations, yard waste, and furniture are just a few of the categories you need to consider. With Junk King, you don’t have to do any sorting at all. We take furniture, TVs and other electronic waste, appliances, construction waste, regular garbage, and more. Best of all, once we get everything back to our processing center, we sort your items for you. We’ll pull out stuff that can be recycled, reused, or repurposed. This facet of our service makes us “America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service,” as well as its most convenient.


  • You can always rent a second dumpster

It’s challenging to estimate how much junk you have until you start piling it into a bin. Therein lies the problem with many junk removal companies. When you rent a dumpster from most companies, you have to specify a size. If you rent a dumpster that is too small, you have to go through the hassle of renting another one. If you rent a dumpster that is too big, you must pay for space you don’t use. At Junk King, we only have one dumpster size: the MINI mentioned above. At 12 cubic yards, the MINI offers sufficient capacity for most cleaning or renovation projects. If you need a second dumpster, though, just give us a call, and we will quickly trade out your full bin for a new, empty one.

  • You still enjoy the benefits of a DIY project

Full-service junk removal services are undoubtedly convenient. Hiring workers to come into your home and haul stuff away? Imagine the hard work and hassle you could avoid! This option doesn’t always work out, though. If you don’t have all your stuff carefully sorted—between what you want to keep and the junk you don’t need anymore—it can create a lot of confusion for the junk haulers. DIY cleaning gives you plenty of time to sort everything, drastically reducing the chances of making a mistake and throwing away something that you still want to keep. With a dumpster rental, you get to enjoy most of the convenience of a junk removal service without sacrificing the perks of DIY. (With that said, if you do want to try full-service junk removal, Junk King does offer that, as well.)

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The Top 7 Benefits of Residential Dumpster Services


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