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Time to Toss Out These Things

Did you suddenly find yourself having a difficult time moving inside your own home? If so, you must have accumulated a lot of junk that you should have gotten rid of a week or so ago. There will come a time when that piece of furniture or appliance will wear out its useful life -- whether it stops functioning properly or its seams are tearing apart. Once you see these signs it’s time to call a junk hauling Sacramento professionals.

Time to Toss These Things Out

You will see signs that indicate it is about time to get rid of something. Here are some of the things that can help you sort out items that you must get rid of:

1. You must immediately get rid of anything that has expired. Look for expired canned goods, drinks, liquor, paint, or a bottle of vitamins and make sure to properly label them before throwing them out.

2. Look for old renovation junk that you no longer use such as old paint, old cabinets, and rusty tools that may only harm you if you use them.

3. It is time to get rid of all those clothes that no longer fit. Get real, you cannot fit into that old pair of jeans you wore when you were a teenager. Get rid of, repurpose, or donate all of the clothes that no longer fit to make room for new items and to de-clutter your cabinets.

4. It is about time to get rid of those dated documents and receipts that are only stacking up against your attic’s wall. If the documents are years old, except for property documents and birth certificates, get rid of them or send them to a recycling center. If it contains personal information, you may want to shred it first.

5. Office documents are another category to look into when it comes to piling paper junk. If you boxes upon boxes of old documents, then you need to reconsider getting them digitized and saving them in CDs or in the cloud.

6. Retro and old electronics. If you think you will still use those old cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and tape players, think again! These items will just consume space and gather dust, if you don’t get rid of them.

7. If your refrigerator does not cool or keep anything frozen anymore, it is about time to get rid of it. Refrigerators are bulky and heavy items that need proper disposal because of the chemicals they contain. Hire a professional junk remover to assist you.

8. Expired make up and perfumes must go. Like food, these items have an expiration date.

9. Old toys of your child. Your child will always be your little boy or girl. But it is pointless to keep their old and worn toys because these items consume space that you could have used for new appliances.

10. Old magazines and paperback books. They simply don’t keep that long. Moth and silverfish eat through old paper items. If you want to keep books for a long time, consider getting hardbound ones instead. Those old issues of home and fashion magazines also need to go – not just to make space but to help you keep up with the times! The only reason you should be keeping an old magazine is if it’s a collectible.

Getting rid of these hidden junk in your home is not easy. You may want to consider getting help from junk hauling Sacramento professionals to help you sort through, haul and recycle or donate old items in your home. Junk hauling Sacramento companies like Junk King are dedicated to help clean up your home and subscribe to a green philosophy of recycling or donating as much as 60% of what they haul.

Time to Toss Out These Things


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