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Tips For Cleaning Out Your Walk-In Closet

Tips For Cleaning Out Your Walk-In Closet


The phrase 'cleaning out your closet' has come to mean a number of things, including letting go of burdensome memories or social relationships.

The original meaning, however, literally means getting rid of all that junk that's built up in your closet space. We don't often realize it, but we spend quite a bit of time inside our home's closets, especially if you have a walk-in closet. It could be getting ready for work, finding the perfect outfit for going out, or trying on new clothes; every day we spend time inside that closet.

Walk-in closets come in all shapes and sizes. Some have dressers and drawers, some simply have shoe racks, and some select few have entire sectional couches within them. Just like any other room in your house, these walk-in closets require some upkeep if you want to keep them both tidy and useful. So, without further ado, here are a few tips for cleaning out your walk-in closet:

Evaluate Efficiency: The closet is one place where we probably aren't just hanging out or having fun in. This is a place where you go grab things you need, change your clothes, and leave. Anything getting in the way of the efficiency of your closet is bad, and can slow you down for getting to work or going out.

Take a second to evaluate your walk-in closet's efficiency. Is there a clear path to the clothes you regularly wear, or is there junk getting in your way? Are your clothing and accessories organized in a clear and accessible manner so you don't waste time everyday searching for items? If not, you need to map out a new walk-in closet plan to increase that efficiency.

Decorate When Necessary: This point may seem counterintuitive to the previous efficiency point. Why worry about your walk-in closet's design when you want to use it for a purely functional standpoint? Well, the fact of the matter is you do spend quite a bit of time everyday in that closet. Although it may not be 100% apparent, if your time inside it is relaxing it can really change the rest of your day. The decor and design of your closet can make a big difference in whether you are stressfully throwing on clothes, or casually getting dressed. Decorate your closet as if it were any other room in your house, using subtle queues that make the room more pleasant to be in.

Have a 'Temporary' Area: As we know, getting ready for work or going out is not often as peaceful a process as we'd like it to be. Sometimes a swirl of clothing-changing chaos can leave our closet looking like it was hit by a tornado. This is why having an area in your closet to place 'temporary' items that don't fit in any one section or drawer can be really helpful. It could be a corner of your closet, a couch cushion or a section of hangers - use this area to place piles and items of clothing that you simply don't have time to put back in the right place.

There may be some larger, older items in your closet, like couches or dressers that simply need to be replaced. For the best in furniture hauling and disposal services call Junk King at 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on-site estimate online today.

Tips For Cleaning Out Your Walk-In Closet


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