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To Infinity! Top Recycling Waste Materials

To Infinity! Top Recycling Waste Materials

The modern era of recycling has taken on new life in the last decade with innovative technology and processes. But some materials still reign supreme.

From steel to aluminum to glass, there are standard waste materials that can be recycled and reused infinitely - if they are processed correctly and not landfilled instead.


Recycling Means Never Having to Say 'Goodbye'

If you've been any attention at all to your news feed over the last year or so, you will have surely seen various headlines alluding to the problems of plastic recycling, the rise of recycling of EV batteries, and other stories.

Like many other industries - and waste recycling is an industry - recycling has it's ups and downs and challenges. Perhaps the most impactful event of the last decade was China's decision to stop the import of recyclable waste products into their country.

As one 2022 article tells it,

"Five years ago in July, the Chinese government announced a potential ban on imports of 24 different recyclables. The list included paper and plastics, the heart of curbside recycling programs. Government officials described these materials as “waste”. To their buyers, however, they were raw materials for products. The ban went into effect in March 2018."

The other major story that hit certain segments of the industry was the not-so-new revelation that plastic recycling was more sound bytes than substance. It turns out that plastic is much more difficult to sort and recycle than most of us realized. And little of it, it turns out, was truly being recycled.

According to one news story from The Atlantic, for example, 

"The problem with recycling plastic lies not with the concept or process but with the material itself... The first problem is that there are thousands of different plastics, each with its own composition and characteristics. They all include different chemical additives and colorants that cannot be recycled together, making it impossible to sort the trillions of pieces of plastics into separate types for processing. "

The article goes on to point out that another problem is that the reprocessing of plastic waste is wasteful. And plastic is flammable, with the risk of fires at plastic-recycling facilities affecting neighboring communities.

However, there is good news on the recycling front, as well. 


When Your Waste Never Has to Go Away for Good

While the recycling rate for paper waste - primarily cardboard - continues to be impressively high at almost 70 percent, much of the rest is still behind many of the other world players in the realm of recycling and sustainable practices.

However, there are handful of waste materials that can be recycled infinitely. As in, over and over and over again.

These miracle materials include glass, steel (a ferrous metal), and non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, nickel, and tin.

While each of these materials do have their inherent challenges to recycling, such as sorting, removing labels and other materials, and decontaminating, the actual materials themselves can be recycled virtually indefinitely. 

And the even better news is that these materials, along with cardboard and paper products, are used in the vast majority of products generated in America that eventually end up as waste.

We created this notated infographic to provide a board "picture" of the current state of the recycling of the major players in this pantheon of recycling "Infinites" in 2023.



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Infinite or Not, Almost All Junk is Recyclable

After you’ve attempted to repurpose, sell, or donate your unwanted items, you may still have some things to be gotten rid of.

So, what do you do with them?

A great option is to have Junk King take care of your leftover junk and unwanted stuff. In fact, we can help with a wide variety of removal and hauling tasks:

  • Hauling services for large and bulky amounts of junk.
  • House cleanouts for moving, spring cleaning, converting rooms, or just getting a clean slate.
  • Property clean outs for landlords, real estate agents, or inherited homes full of old belongings.
  • Trash removal for yard waste, construction projects, and cleaning projects

Our professional junk removal services offer easy and affordable solutions for getting rid of your clutter and hauling away your unwanted junk.

Having an experienced junk removal company that you can depend on matters. And this is what you get with Junk King. We provide professional experts who know how to safely and carefully remove even the biggest, bulkiest, heaviest items.


Junk King: Your Green Partner for a Greener, Sustainable Future

You can rely on us to provide you with a sustainable and green disposal junk removal services for all your residential trash and junk removal needs.

Junk King provides professional junk hauling services that removes any type of junk including anything made with glass, metal, paper, and plastic. These are junk items that are both reusable and recyclable.

And we work hard to recycle as much of all the junk we pick up each day.

Junk King has the equipment and teams for removing large refrigerators and other appliances, and we can move them down stairways, up basement steps, or out through garages. 

Whatever type of junk you have, we always try to recycle or reuse everything and anything we pick up. Junk King's eco-friendly junk removal service helps you get rid of any unwanted junk, including large metal items, in a sustainable way.

If you are stuck with large amounts of waste products, Junk King can help you get rid of it today!

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So, ready to get rid of those large amounts of recyclable waste? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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To Infinity! Top Recycling Waste Materials


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