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Top 7 Benefits of Renting a Small Dumpster

Top 7 Benefits of Renting a Small Dumpster

Often, the impulse when renting a dumpster is to adopt the “bigger is better” mantra. Whether you are cleaning out your garage, preparing for a move, or doing a renovation, you probably don’t have a firm idea of exactly how much space you need. As such, you rent a larger dumpster, just in case. You don’t want to get a small dumpster and then have insufficient space for all your garbage.

In theory, this practice is smart. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? However, the truth is that there are a few clear disadvantages to renting a larger dumpster—especially if you don’t really need the extra capacity. Big dumpsters take up a lot of space and cost more, to name a few drawbacks.

At Junk King, we don’t offer large dumpster rentals. Instead, all our self-service dumpster rentals center around a single bin size—a small dumpster we all the MINI. The MINI is a 12-cubic yard dumpster. That size might seem small, especially if you are looking at other dumpster rental companies that offer 30 or 40 cubic yard bins. Over the years, though, we’ve concluded that 12 cubic yards is just about the ideal dumpster size for most people. Here are seven major perks of smaller dumpsters—all of which went into our decision to make the MINI our standard model.

  • It’s driveway friendly

The most convenient spot for a dumpster rental is in the driveway, just a few steps from the garage and the front door. That way, you don’t have to huff heavy items like armchairs or appliances 20 or 30 yards out to the street. One of the problems with bigger dumpsters, though, is that they don’t fit comfortably in smaller driveways. Small dumpster models like the Junk King MINI are designed to be driveway friendly. Big dumpsters can tear up your lawn or garden, just because there is nowhere else to put them. Smaller dumpsters are easier to position and protect your property. Bigger, heavier dumpsters can even damage your driveway—something very unlikely to happen with a more compact, lighter-weight model.

  • It can accommodate most items

When people rent out big dumpsters, it’s often because they have bulky items they assume won’t fit in a smaller dumpster. 12 cubic yards might be just a fraction of a 40-cubic yard dumpster, but it’s still not a small amount of space. On the contrary, the Junk King MINI is plenty spacious to fit most furniture and appliances. For smaller items or pieces of debris, meanwhile—from standard garage and basement junk to construction debris—the MINI is just about perfect. The only thing it can’t accommodate is hazardous waste, but you’ll have to play by that rule no matter how big your dumpster is.


  • It costs less

You pay for the extra space when you rent a bigger dumpster. If you end up using all that space, the extra cost probably isn’t any big deal. However, if you rent a 30-cubic yard dumpster and only end up using half the capacity, that’s money down the drain. When you rent a smaller dumpster, you keep your spending more conservative. Plain and simple, smaller dumpsters cost less to rent. If you aren’t sure of how much stuff you need to throw away, it’s always better to start small. Especially if you are trying to keep renovation or moving costs to a minimum, your dumpster rental is a good place to save some money.

  • You don’t run the risk of paying for space you won’t use

New Call-to-action Not only do smaller dumpsters cost less by default, but with the Junk King MINI, you only pay for the space you use. If you use the whole dumpster, we’ll charge you the full rate. If you use less than half, you’ll pay less. And if you do end up needing more than 12 cubic yards of space, we can just bring you a second dumpster. The entire process is easy and economical, which is surely part of the reason that Junk King’s dumpster rental service is ranked #1 in North America.

  • It’s less unsightly

Let’s be honest: big, bulky dumpsters are ugly. They take up a ton of space, fill the entire driveway, and act as a temporary eyesore on your property. Neighbors hate them, and so will you. While you can’t describe any dumpster as “pretty,” a smaller and more compact model is less intrusive. At Junk King, we’ve done what we can to make the MINI something you won’t hate seeing in your driveway. Our bins are red, with our brand name and contact information emblazoned on the side. We take care to ensure that our dumpsters are never rusty or visibly damaged. Plus, even if you hate seeing the MINI in your driveway, you can always trust that we will be there on time to pick it up once you’ve filled it.

  • Pickups and deliveries are fast

Larger dumpsters pose logistical challenges for drop-off and pick up crews. Heavy, bulky, and all-around unwieldy, these larger units are just more difficult to handle. Where does the dumpster need to go? How many people are needed to get it there? Will the pick-up crew need extra hands on deck since the dumpster will be full of junk? With a smaller unit, you don’t typically have any of these questions. The Junk King MINI, for instance, is extremely easy to deliver. It rolls right off the truck and is positioned in a matter of just a few minutes. This more maneuverable design and size makes it easier for Junk King to guarantee timely drop-off and pickup appointments.


  • You can always rent a second dumpster if you need more space

“What if I need more space?” We hear this question every once in a while from customers at Junk King. They understand the underlying benefits of renting a small dumpster but are concerned that they might have more junk than a 12-cubic yard dumpster can accommodate. Certainly, there’s no guarantee that a MINI dumpster will be sufficient to haul away all your junk and debris. Particularly during large-scale renovations or big office moves, you might well end up with enough trash to fill two or three MINI dumpsters. The good news is that you can always rent a second or third MINI unit if you end up needing it. Just let us know, and we will drop off another dumpster around the same time that we pick up the first one. These consecutive rentals will give you the capacity you need without requiring you to deal with a larger dumpster in your driveway. Plus, since we only bill for the space you use, you might still spend less on two or three MINIs than you would on a single 30 or 40 cubic yard dumpster rental.

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Whether you are getting ready for a move, clearing stuff out a loved one’s house to get it ready for sale, or redoing your kitchen and living room, a rental dumpster provides a convenient place to put junk and debris. Junk King, with its small dumpster rentals, is a reliable and eco-friendly business that you can trust. To learn more about our dumpster rentals—including pricing, delivery policies, and more—feel free to give us a call on 1-888-888-JUNK. You can also visit our website and book online if you want to save $30 on your reservation.


Top 7 Benefits of Renting a Small Dumpster


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