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Unique Dumpsters For DIY Commercial Clean Up

Unique Dumpsters For DIY Commercial Clean Up


[This post was originally published in May 2019 and has been update and revised.]

If you have a business with excess junk material or equipment, what do you do with it? Leaving it in your parking lot or loading dock area is not on option. 

While it might seem that simply hiring a company to haul it away would solve your problem, your situation may require a different solution like a rental dumpster. Fortunately, there's a unique dumpster that can provide you with the accessibility and the space you need.

Got a Business? You Probably Got Junk.

One of the realities of business life is that, regardless of what a company produces, pretty much anything commercial will produce some kind of waste and debris as a by-product. In fact, you don't even have to have a business with a manufacturing component or even physical inventory in a warehouse.

In the United States the average service business can also produce massive amounts of trash just with their normal day-to-day operations.

But, when any business decides to engage in a major clean up, office reconfiguration, a major renovation, or find themselves relocating to a new address, the amount of junk and debris can be exponentially larger. 

And it has to be disposed of. 



Disposal Options for Your Commercial Waste and Debris

Not every business has the resources for hauling away and disposing large quantities of junk or trash and debris that can result from these types of cleaning projects.

Also, renting a truck still requires having people from your staff to not only fill the truck with the junk and debris, but then someone has to drive to a local dumping facility and unload it all.  And you may possibly need to repeat the process numerous times through the life of your project. 

Of course, another option is to hire someone with a truck to come and haul your junk and debris for you. While this may seem like a convenient solution, you may still have one of your own people do all the loading and cleaning up.

And you also will need to be concerned about liability, reliability and fees.

If your clean up needs to take place over a series of days and not all at once, you then have to deal with this same scenario multiple times. Or else let all your junk pile up somewhere until you're finally ready for the hauling guy to come around. 

A better option in this scenario would be to hire a professional junk hauling firm, like Junk King, to come haul everything off for you at your convenience.

Yes, but, what if you do prefer to take your time and manage the clean up portion yourself? That brings us one other option.



The Junk King MINI Dumpster: A Unique Commercial Dumpster 

You could rent one of those massive, twenty foot long commercial dumpsters for the task. But why would you want to when you don't have to?

The truth is that, many times they are  far too large for what you need. In addition, they're often unsightly, arrive in poor condition. and they are expensive. When it comes to actually using these large containers, they are often difficult to get into and are inefficient.

Not only that, because of their size, weight and construction, these large commercial dumpsters can block access to parts of your facility while damaging concrete and asphalt in your driveways, parking lots or loading dock areas. 

But there's good news: Junk King has a unique dumpster option with it's conveniently-sized MINI Dumpster rental service

These clean and accessible dumpster boxes are designed for ease of use and easy access. While a typical commercial dumpster might hold 40 up to cubic yards of debris, it also takes up a massive footprint. For many commercial cleaning tasks that's far more capacity than is needed.

In comparison, the efficient MINI Dumpster holds a handy 12-cubic yards of material but only takes up 8 by 12 feet of space on your driveway, parking lot or next to a curb or loading dock. And it's not only extremely easy to get into and fill, it's extremely easy to rent.

That's enough floor space in the container to hold up to 30 upright four-drawer file cabinets!

Our convenient  MINI Dumpster service features an online booking system. And, once you've booked it, we'll drop it off at your facility and schedule a time to pick it up after three days, or longer, if need be.




Another great feature of our unique junk removal services is that all of the materials you dispose of will be sorted and as much of it as possible will be reused and repurposed or recycled.

Our MINI Dumpster has a three tier rental pricing option:

  • Minimum
  • Half
  • Full

Although the standard practice in our industry is to charge a single price and often add in other charges, at Junk King we do things differently. We provide flexible pricing options in order to give you better value.

That means our minimum price is our lowest charge to drop off and pick up the MINI Dumpster. If you have only a few items, you may qualify for the minimum charge. If your MINI dumpster is at or about half full, you'll pay about a 30 percent less than the Full price, depending on your location. If your MINI is more than half full, you pay the full price for the MINI dumpster rental service.

Taking into account the convenience, ease of use, and great pricing, opting for a MINI Dumpster to handle the junk and debris clean up of your business project makes great business sense!


Benefit With a MINI Dumpster Rental From Junk King

Whether you are renovating your work spaces or preparing for a move, we provide our customers with the tools they need to clear away unwanted clutter. You can choose from our fleet of MINI dumpsters that allow you to do it yourself. Or have our knowledgeable and friendly crew come out and do the heavy lifting for you.

Either way, our professional and insured trash removal team will call 15 minutes before we show up at your shop or office and we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your items take up in our truck or MINI Dumpster, and with no hidden fees.

Ready to get rid of that junk? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).



Unique Dumpsters For DIY Commercial Clean Up


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