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Water-Wise Water Features For Your Outdoor Space

Water-Wise Water Features For Your Outdoor Space


Nothing soothes and relaxes quite like the rippling sound of water. And you can create this outdoor ambience with a green and water-wise water feature.

In a time of wide-ranging drought, the idea of an outdoor water feature may seem a bit odd or even irresponsible. But low water use technology and designs can make it possible and can add to your home's aesthetic appeal.

 Outdoor Water Features: A Multi-Sensory Touch of Nature

For many homeowners, the appeal of a water feature in the backyard is both the aesthetics of an attractive fountain, pond, or waterfall (or all three!) gracing their outdoor space, as well as the sounds. 

For some it is simply relaxing and calming. For others it is sublimely energizing and evokes a sense of being in nature.

On the other hand,  because of overspray, leakage, and evaporation, many water features are prone to high water use. And this can make the idea of installing one seem impractical and unwise. Especially in places where water use is at a premium and shortages are increasing.

But the good news is that it is possible to install outdoor water features that are "green" and have significant low water use. 

And, while experts disagree on whether these additions also add a dollar amount to a home's resale value, they can certainly increase the curb appeal and aesthetic value of a home.


Going 'Green' with a Water-Wise Garden Fountain or Waterfall

The harsh fact about outdoor water features is that they are subject to water loss. 

But how much water?

According to CaptainPatio.com,

Assuming a small to mid-size fountain, a moderate climate, direct sunlight, and 24/7 fountain operation, your fountain will lose about a gallon per day to evaporation. This isn’t a hard law, but a decent rule of thumb.

The key to conserving as much water as possible and, subsequently, using a little as possible is in the design and construction of your water feature.

As an article in Houzz puts it,

With their delicate movement and melodious splash, water features often become the focal point of a garden. And nothing brings a feeling of coolness and tranquility quite like a pond or fountain. But what about water consumption? In warm climates how you locate, design and maintain your fountain or shallow pool can greatly affect how much water it consumes.

The article goes on to offer some tips on how to incorporate a water feature into your outdoor space while being "water-wise" as well:

  • Site your water feature carefully. Warm water evaporates more quickly than cool water. Locate your water feature in the shade to keep surface temperatures down.
  • Landscape strategically. Plants such as shrubs, fences, or privacy screening close to a water feature help reduce water loss from wind evaporation.
  • Choose a cascading fountain. A trickling or cascading fountain loses less water to evaporation than one in which water is sprayed into the air.
  • Check for cracks and leaks. Note the water level, then check the level 24 hours later. If your water feature has lost more than ¼ inch of water, it may have a leak.

And the folks at Lifescape Colorado offer these additional tips,

  • Minimize surface area of the fountain as well as splash and overspray from fountains to decrease evaporation.
  • Choose a bubbling fountain, which can recirculate water as it flows down the sides of the vessel.
  • Install a fountain such that it waters surrounding plants.
    Place permeable plants and materials around fountains so water can be absorbed into the ground.
  • Supply your fountains with runoff or recycled water.
  • Place a decorative rain barrel under a set of rain chains to create a “fountain” from the water collected.



Installing Water Features and Landscape Debris Removal

Of course, if you simply purchase an "off the shelf" fountain or self-contained trickling waterfall structure, any construction required may be as simple as leveling a spot of ground or, if need be, building a small concrete pad.

However, more extensive water features that involve rock bed streams, waterfalls, and ponds can create a large amount of waste and debris. 

If you have this done by a landscaping contractor (or you are one!) this debris and rubble will usually be removed for you by the contractor. If, however, you are going the DIY route with your new water feature project, you'll have to take care of the clean up, debris removal, and disposal on your own.

And that can be as challenging as building a trickling stream and waterfall feature for your own backyard!

Without a truck or other suitable method for hauling the debris - like a small trailer - removing and transporting substantial amounts of sod, rocks, shrubbery, and rubble is almost impossible. This is not the kind of stuff that you can easily put in large plastic bags and throw into the trunk of your family car. 

And why spend the time, labor, and money removing, hauling, and unloading it all yourself anyway after you've done all that work building a beautiful water feature?

The good news is that you don't have to!


Call on Junk King for Fast and Easy Landscaping Debris Removal

Once you decide to install an outdoor water feature, you'll want professional help with the waste removal and debris hauling. Which means you need to decide which firm to call to do the job.

A good choice is to simply call Junk King since we're the top-rated junk removal service and we specialize in yard waster removal, as well.

We're rated number one because our customers know that we always provide efficient, safe, and eco-friendly residential waste and yard waste removal services so they don’t have to worry about the pickup or disposal of all the junk and debris after a cleanup is completed.

Got a big outdoor project? 

If you need debris removal several times during your project - or just once after you're done - our junk hauling experts will make sure that all your yard and building debris is removed that you can enjoy your enhanced outdoor space!

Our highly trained and insured yard waste removal team will show up at your home on time, as promised, and we'll call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive. Once there, we’ll give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk and debris takes up in our truck.

All you need do is simply point and we'll haul the debris away - and with no hidden fees.

So, are you ready to get rid of your yard waste? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Water-Wise Water Features For Your Outdoor Space


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